Jul 15

My Personal Reasons For Doing Network Marketing


The Top Five - David Letterman style:

Reason #5
I love the personal freedom that working from home provides.  The commute: down the stairs.  The grind: regular or dark roast?  I get to do what I want, where I want with whomever I want to.  Full-time income for part-time effort.  My Plan B became my Plan A eventually.

Reason #4
20 years ago when I first discovered Network Marketing I wanted "more and better" for myself and my son.  Today, I want everyone else to experience the "more and better" for themselves.  Money is a metaphor, a measuring stick and it really doesn't buy happiness, but it absolutely does make the journey a lot smoother and life's choices juicier!

Reason # 3
I love to travel and learn.  Since 1995 Network Marketing has allowed me to do both as a requirement for building myself and my business. Our business grows about as fast as we do. This business stretches me in ways I couldn’t have imagined, it helps us become the best people we want to be. Even in the couple of times when I was not an active builder, I stayed plugged into the training and support while learning how to "become". I'm still learning. I hear it will never end.

Reason # 2




I love that I get to inspire people and help others to build their dreams.  Network Marketing is the perfect business model to facilitate this, it's the most compassionate and cooperative form of capitalism on the planet bar none!







And the #1 reason I LOVE Network Marketing is…
(drum roll please)

Reason #1

After 20 years, 10 of them full time in this business, this is - bar none - the most fun I’ve ever had that I could call "work!”  'Cause if it isn't fun why bother?

The lines are gray between work and play, it's hard to tell which I'm doing today.

Now I want to hear from you. Why do you love Network Marketing?



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