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How to approach people...


I have always loved this quote from Mr. Sagan because I can easily swap out the word "science" for "network marketing".  You are excited about your company’s products and opportunity, and you want everyone to see what you're seeing.

I wrote about inviting your dear ones in an earlier post.  Lifestyle and relationships are the foundation of why many of us love network marketing so much, so I believe those closest to you deserve to hear about what you've found first.  (Of course I don't have your family...)

Whether you're new to network marketing or a veteran MLMer, once we make sure your family and friends know what we're up to - it's time to really get down to business!

Strangers are friends you haven't met yet and learning how to approach those you don't know remains one of the biggest learning curves in this business, master your approach and success is guaranteed on many levels.

20 years ago when I first got started, I made all the classic mistakes.  In my naive and ignorant excitement I talked too much and listened little.  I figured out in my first few days that not everyone wanted to hear about what I was experiencing - even though I was certain they'd see it the same way I did!

The most important decision I made was not to let the opinions and perspectives of others stop me.


Granted, we need people to build a team, but not any one person.  Hopefully by sharing this post I can assist you in having success more quickly, and actually have some of the fun that is the promise of network marketing.

Here are some tips to help you to get your recruiting off to a pleasant start, your message across effectively, expand your reach and have others coming to you asking for more!

Tip #1 - We have 2 ears and 1 mouth...

Use them in that proportion.  Talking too much is "over-selling".  We are paid to listen to the desires of others and tell our personal story.  If we have to convince anyone they should want this, we'll have to convince them every baby step of the way along our journey together!

Watch for and listen to those that want more and better AND are open to it showing up.

Tip #2 - Keep it simple.  Keep it quick.

Your intentions are pure, and your enthusiasm will precede you as your most powerful tool, really all you need.  Sharing all your knowledge about your products and opportunity before knowing if the other's open is something we refer to in the business as "vomiting on them" - this approach is equally as offensive.  Through your introduction, your prospects will be "trying this opportunity on".  Another promise of the network marketing model is that you will "earn as you learn".  This implies you can make money without having to "know it all".  We want your prospect to know they need to know nothing to get started.

And YOU need to know that:  As you are learning, you are also teaching...

Let Your Tools Do The Talking

What's a tool you ask?  The best of the best use them - especially if they've been aboard a while!  There's a list below.  Your company and field team may or may not offer all of them, yet I'll guarantee you have access to a really great introduction and overview of your company and its products, it is "the way" of the network marketing model.  There was a time when it was left strictly to the independent distributors to come up with their own training and marketing ideas and materials.  Today, I am blessed to be with a company that takes care of the marketing and branding and a field team to support me in my training and operations.

Show and/or Tell With:

  • an introductory video - usually professionally produced and provided by your company, this is your first line of "qualification".  If your prospect is truly looking, the video will show and tell them about things on your behalf.  You are also setting an example of "how it's done" when you send them a link and make an appointment to reconnect with them to get their questions answered or help them get started.
  • an opportunity webinar or conference call - a great way to plug them into a live event!  They don't even have to leave the comfort of their home and someone else does the presenting for you.  Schedule a 3-way call for afterwards to get their questions handled.
  • a home or hotel event - not always available in your city, and that's a clue as to the magnitude of the opportunity for YOU!  Create the first event yourself.
  • a sample of your product - always make an appointment to follow up with them for their feedback and to see if they are ready to order some for themselves.
  • a real before and after picture - a picture says 1000 words.  In my case I have one product that makes a difference in under 2 minutes so not only do I have pictures, I have access to before and after videos of something that works in real time!  Keep them on you whether digitally in your phone or printed out and laminated, pictures say it for you in a glance.
  • a 3-way call - with your first most active upline support person (this may or may not be your personal referrer/enroller/sponsor.)  It's important to respect your support team's time by qualifying your prospects before introducing them to each other, make sure they have already done some of their own diligence.  This important connection time is for getting answers and getting started.  For more specifics on how to do 3-ways read my previous post about them.
  • dial them into a "sizzle call" - this is a brief introduction usually done by someone higher up the line in your network. It is available 7/24 to give someone enough information to entice them to dig deeper into what's going on. Hearing the message from someone else often provides further validation and a sense that it's prudent to proceed with you.

Tip #3 - Keep it duplicate-able

The beauty of the above strategy is that anyone can do it, as quickly or as slowly as they want - quickly is often highly recommended because it creates "momentum".  The power of "the system" is in the leverage it creates when everyone on the team is introducing 3 to 5 people a day consistently.  It is something you and your team will be doing over and over again for the remainder of your days in this business so make it fun, keep it simple and effective.

Your team will do what you do.

Each person may resonate with a different tool, yet the dynamics of how to use them remains constant.  Follow the proven system and those working it and success follows you.

If you haven't plugged into your organization's system yet, that just might be your next action step!


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