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The Importance of "Auto-ship"

RememberThatTheReasonThe Little Engine That Does...

If I could open the top of your head, insert a "concept", close you back up and send you on your way with "knowing", I would give you the gift of understanding the power and importance of something we call "auto-ship", often a requirement in the multi-level playing field.It always amazes me at how intimidated and nervous people can be about this (usually small) monthly commitment.  They're very committed to going to the grocery story every week to spend WAY more so why the resistance?

Every company has an auto-ship program and frequently various options for it.  It is a fundamental of the business model that will never change - that's why it's called "a fundamental".

In Network Marketing especially, auto-ship is the fuel that runs the engine. It is the little bit we each do that creates the enormous benefit for all of those in the network collectively. One single drop of water hardly seems to make a difference to anything, yet if you put enough of those drops together all going in the same direction, eventually you'll have a tsunami!

Drip, drip...trickle...

No drips. No tsunami. If there's little to no consumption of the products, if there's no "volume", well then there's no rewards, for anyone. The collective efforts of each one doing a little bit - even if one only uses ONE product, can create that tsunami of rewards!

autoshipWe Are All Consumers Of Something

My baby aside, I've never had to teach another how to eat, drink or groom themselves.  If you're breathing, you're consuming.  Unless you tell me you live in a cave and thrive on sunlight, you're drinking, eating or using something up on a regular basis.  Distribution of goods has evolved because of the the world web.  Companies like Jeunesse Global or the behemoth Amazon and their drones, have warehouses parked all over the globe and with one (very well backed-up) computer system, we can create as many orders as we want from our home offices to be shipped from any of them, straight to our friend's front door, even if they live on the other side of the planet.  Better yet, your friend can do their own shopping at your company-provided website and you get paid either way, except when your friend creates the order, your commission is "passive" meaning you got paid and didn't do the work.  Oh, and, if your friend decides to join your network, gets the exact same discounts and perks you did, you didn't make money from your friend and in fact are now in a position to help them share in the revenue pools too.

Together with Social Media and the opportunity to share in the profits of all this consumption,  making your consumer dollars work for you has never been easier or more profitable.  The middlemen in the chain of delivery have been eliminated freeing up to as much as 65% of a company's revenue, revenue that can be returned to their own customers!

So first thing:

Do you love the product/s you are using and trying to promote to others?

Myself, if I don't like the way something tastes or feels, I won't be using it.  My psyche will find all kinds of ways to skip out on a less than enjoyable experience.  For the power of auto-ship to work for you (especially in the pure Network Marketing model), we need to be actively using our product/s!  If you aren’t, that's a tell-tale sign that you may want to re-evaluate the company you chose to go with.  Many companies have more than one product, perhaps you just need to try another one?  Hey guess what?!  You don't HAVE to love them all!

Baby not aside - others will do what you do (not what you say) and if you aren't doing it don't expect them to (Leadership 101).  If you love the product, something you would use anyway and actually do use it,  you are now a master at the very first step in building a business doing something you have to do anyway.  Congratulations!

The First Product Is YOU

You have to become a consumer of your chosen company's products.  In the industry we like to say, "You need to become a product of your products."  Your personal testimonials=stories will be the life-blood of your business.  When you use your products, you are also investing in YOUR business, buying from YOUR store.  YOU are leading by example and promoting the importance of auto-ship.  This is why you often hear that we are "paid storytellers".  Some of the best Network Marketers I know I wouldn't call salespeople, but they do know how to tell their story in compelling and passionate ways.

You can think of auto-ship as overhead. It is part of the cost of doing this model of business.  Not only is using your product setting an example, it is also providing cash flow to your business and those other businesses on your team.

Drip, drip, trickle...head for high ground!

Auto-ship makes our income predictable.  It ensures lots of happy returning customers every month, without it you would constantly have to hustle to reach the numbers needed each month to advance and keep your business going.  When you can count on a constant amount of income, your auto-shipments increase and you can focus on expanding and growing your network.  Everything else, as I say, is "gravy".

Auto-ship is the financial backbone to your business.

Anyone reading this that has worked with me knows how sacred I hold auto-ship.  It's my commitment.  It's the first thing we talk about when I am registering a new member.  Without the movement of product, there can be no substantial cash flow.  Auto-ship keeps product sales steady as you build your network.  This is where the residual income comes in - the kind of steady income that mortgages, car and investment loans are approved on.  It is necessary business overhead so that you qualify to earn.  That means it is also a tax write off against any other income - that's a whole article in itself!  Teaser: I socked away 100,000 extra dollars over a decade while with a corporation because of my commitment to myself and my business in the "non-working" hours.

Over time (you get to decide how much), part-time effort produces full-time results and eventually the Plan B you started building becomes your Plan A and you are faced with a decision, whether or not to keep that job or continue with that other business.  All for doing something you have to do anyway.  I was blessed to be able to make that choice 10 years ago, and wish it for each one of you reading this!  It's VERY, VERY satisfying.

I wish you much success in building your own network of happy, healthy returning wholesale buyers and distributors and from one drip to another, see you on the tsunami ride!!


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