Jul 15

5 Steps For Success With Jeunesse


It Starts With The Tried & True Fundamentals…

Did you know that building a successful business comes down to just a handful of activities? It’s true of any goal.  If you were allowed to shadow a very successful person through their day, you would see that they are always practicing a few fundamentals with CONSISTENCY.   If you can master the five (income producing) activities below and do them consistently, you will find yourself and your Jeunesse team at the top.

Fundamental #1: Make a List Of EVERYONE You Know

Keep-calm-make-a-listThis seems to be THE most feared thing aside from picking up the phone, which doesn't happen if you don't have a list, it's a vicious circle that will keep you trapped in inactivity.  People often think that making a list means we're going to contact everyone on it, not so.  We are simply beginning a process that you will master over time.  Do a "mind dump", for the purposes of beginning to sort through and categorize your list.  Who do you know? Without assuming whether they will or they won't, dump them out, write as fast as you can for as long as you can, your memory will get "jogged" as you go along.  Fill in the missing information and sort it out later, we aren't looking to contact everyone, just the "right" ones. Your support person will help you do the sorting and prioritizing.

You know more people than you think, so ask yourself this question on a regular basis, and keep adding people to your list. Set a goal to add five names to your list every day. You’ll be amazed at how big your network actually is!

Fundamental #2: Contact Them!

contacts_blue_glowPick up the phone  or video conference, fall back on email for exchanging information.  Keep some high-touch behind all the high-tech, if all goes well you are about to partner with the people on your list, the relationship and your futures are assured when you work together, keep it real.

Ultimately, you want to partner with as many people as you can work with effectively - there is no limit to how many we are allowed to "enroll".   At the very least you want to build a "board of directors", 12 of the right people will qualify you for all commissions, bonuses and perks Jeunesse has to offer.  You'll likely have to talk to more than 12 to find them...but how long will it take you to find your 12?  1 per week would make for a very different life 3 months from now!

Keep your list with you at all times - your list of "Gold", every successful business person has one.  Make some calls, send out some information, fill the nooks and crannies of your days with "income producing activities".  Run the idea past those you may not have seen in a while as you bump into or think of them.  Shoot for at least 3 to 5 new introductions a day for a productive flow of consistently new people.

Fundamental #3: Master The Art Of The Invitation


Master the invitation and you'll always have someone to show around Jeunesse.  Be excited!  No one wants to join a low to no-energy team!  Invite your peeps to learn more about Jeunesse using one of the company provided tools. Stop by their home with a sample of Instantly Ageless or Luminesce serum, meet them in a coffee shop, send them to a live webinar or conference call, send a compelling text video.  Arrange a 3-way conversation with someone on your team - this is one of THE most powerful ways to introduce others by the way.

They live far away you say?  Excellent.  The sun never sets on the Jeunesse computer systems and they NEVER sleep!  Check the Jeunesse Events Calendar and send them to an opportunity meeting in their area and follow up when they get home from the meeting.

Fundamental #4: Share the Opportunity

Now that you have your contacts’ attention, show them the opportunity. If you bring them to an opportunity webinar or live event, the top leaders will do this part for you. Invite as many people as possible to your events!  Like anything else, this is a numbers game.  Timing won't be perfect for everyone right now.  Whoever shows the plan the most has the most to show for it at the end of the month.

Imagine if you were to enroll just one person per week...at the end of 1 year of weeks you would have many more than your 12.  Now imagine if the 12 people on your team each did the same?  My current enroller has us ask this question of ourselves at the end of each day:

"Would I be satisfied if everyone on my team accomplished what I accomplished today?"

Fundamental #5: Follow Up

This is often the most intimidating activity for people - the hardest work.  We're all busy, and Jeunesse is on your radar until the other person makes it a priority for themselves so following up is critical.

"The fortune is in the follow-up!"

Try not to make anything up about what the person may think or ask.  They may have been praying for an opportunity like this for some time and wondering what to do next. You're the professional here so make sure you arrange to get back to them to get their questions or concerns addressed within 24 to 48 hours.  A timely follow up call shows your contact that you're serious, what you have is important and worth looking at right away.

After 20 years in network marketing, I still continue to master these 5 fundamentals everyday - I am not yet an expert.  They seem simple, yet don't be surprised if you find them harder than they seem.  Tending to these activities is some of the hardest work I've ever done, and also the MOST satisfying.  It takes perseverance and yes, sometimes courage to stay on track with YOUR goals.


Master the above 5 "simple" fundamentals and we'll see you at the top!!

Personal Coaching Provided To Those That Are Willing To Go For It

Know that I am here to help. The next two to five years with Jeunesse Global are going to be the most incredible we've seen in this industry in almost 100 years. If you are on my team already, reach out to me. Let’s get some momentum happening for you and your team!  It isn't rocket science!

If you aren't aboard yet, what are you waiting for?  Now is the new later and timing has never been more perfect!  Look up.  The stars are about as lined up as they'll ever be in this lifetime!

Go For It!


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