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3 Way Calls - Your Most Powerful Tool


The 3-way call is one of the most effective tools we have in our toolbox.  It is always shocking to me when one refuses the opportunity to do one!  When it is used correctly and in context, it is an incredible way to sign up more reps and customers, build better relationships and to train, 3-way calls are at the heart and foundation of this business model.

This important fundamental is probably the most misunderstood, over-looked and under-utilized tool in Network Marketing.  If I told you that this simple task would ensure the growth of a huge network, and allow you to help more people, wouldn't you want to know why?

First let's bust a couple of myths about 3-ways...

Myth #1:

The purpose of the call is to "strong-arm", sell to or close your contact.

I'll bet you my last donut that if this is what's happening on your 3-ways, your business hasn't gotten off the ground yet.  3-way calls are "get to know you", "get the questions and concerns addressed" or "hear more of the story" calls.  They are for building relationships and figuring out if the business is even a fit for the contact!  (Remember we aren't looking to sign up EVERYONE.)  It's unrealistic to think they're serious if they won't have a conversation with some of the people they'll be relying on and working closely with.

Although closing a contact isn't the intention of this call, because of their effectiveness, don't be surprised if many 3-ways end in a sign up, or at the very least clear direction for what's needed next to help them make their decision.

Myth #2:

3-way calls are for newbies.

This couldn't be further from the truth.  No matter what level you're at and no matter how long you've been in the business, this is an aspect of "the work".  For the newbie, this is the best form of "on the job training" , the easiest way to get engaged and in the money right away.  You set up the call, make the introduction and once your support person is on the line, shut up and proceed to learn by listening, they will lead the call going forward.  (Do not interrupt or ask questions, write them down and circle up with your trainer after the call.)  The wise rookie will make notes and use the calls to develop their own stories and responses for when the time comes they have to do 3-ways for their people.

As we progress and "advance in rank", it becomes especially important to continue to use 3-ways calls for 2 reasons, credibility (the 3rd party kind) and edification.

"A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home."

To our warmest, closest contacts we are as children are to their parents - deaf.  It is human nature and a promise that your contact will hear your support person much more clearly and take more of the information to heart than if it came from you.  (Don't take it personally, just know it's a thing, learn and work with this human dynamic.)

If you don't know your contact yet, it becomes even more important to dial the prospective new partner into someone that can edify you and verify that you're the real deal - especially working at a distance.  To edify means "to build up".  We don't want to "toot our own horn" as they say, it's desperate and to some tacky.

How To Get The Most From Your 3-Way Calls

Make sure 3-way calling or conferencing is enabled on your phone - sounds obvious and it's amazing how many people go to do one and realize they don't have the option to.

If you have never done one find a couple of friends or teammates to practice with before going live with a contact, do a roll-playing call with your support person so you know what to expect.

Respect your support person's time.  Use them for a 3-way ONLY AFTER your contact has been exposed to your opportunity with at least 1 tool - The Secret of Jeunesse is a great overview video - it's award-winning and free to use with membership.

Because of the nature of the model of Network Marketing, training (and often tools) are provided free of charge, don't let the fact that they're included with membership cause you to undervalue or underestimate them.

It is your job first to expose people to the opportunity by sending them a video, attending a live event or webinar with them.  Ideally a couple of exposures before dialing in support is best, in general, bring those to the table that are sincerely interested and have done some of their own due diligence.

Match your contact up with someone they'll relate with.  Often there is more than 1 person to rely on for support.  If you are talking to a nurse, connect them with a nurse.  If you think your contact will hit it off with someone in particular, connect them!

Personally, I don't utilize 3-way calls for customers or product users, if they become interested in building after using the product, then I'll do an introduction.  3-way calls are best utilized for those that are intending to build a business for themselves.

If you want to build a large consumer network and create a good working relationship with your upline, sponsor or teammate then you need to follow this rule.  You'll come to appreciate this "line in the sand" when it's your turn to provide this valuable service to your growing team!

Follow-up in a timely manner and ask the question, "What did you like best about what you saw/heard?"  Draw out as many positive aspects as you can while they tell you.  If they sound excited and have run out of questions it's time to ask a closing question something like, "Is there anything else you need before we go ahead and get you started?"

How Many 3-Ways Does It Take?

As many as it takes.  Set a goal for how many 3-way calls you are going to do each week and track the numbers.  The number is directly proportional to your results and one of the main income-producing activities.

We get paid to contact, invite, educate, inform and connect through our stories.  Making your 3-ways happen ensures your day is full of the "right" kind of activities and much more pleasing results.

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