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Warm Market Prospecting - Inviting Your Dear Ones

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One of the reasons I call Network Marketing "the hardest work" is because fundamentally, it is a "relationship business".  No one reaches the top of any company's ladder without building, working with and leading a team.  The promise is: Build the relationships first, the abundance will surely follow.  For actually doing "the hardest work", we are paid very, very well.

I recall the night "I got it" 20 years ago.  I'll never forget my head swimming with names of friends and family that I was certain would slam dunk this once I showed it to them!  I was correct on 2 or 3 accounts out of way too many.

The blessing (and curse) of what is referred to as your "warm market" - family and friends - is that you already have an established relationship with them.  In theory, this is an easier group to approach, and a lot depends on the functionality of your family and friendships.  The fact that you know each other so well presents its own set of challenges, nevertheless, family and friends are the first we want to introduce to what we're up to, not necessarily to sign them up in our opportunity though.

This is "equal opportunity", it makes sense we would want our dear ones to have a shot at it too, like everyone else, all we can do is offer it to them.   Our network marketing dream team may or may not include our family and BFFs and that's OK, some of them will remain the greatest reasons we want to go ahead and do this.

Because another promise of building a network marketing business is, that our best partners will be people we haven't even met yet.  Oh, and don't be surprised if the very first person you meet is the one that you see in the mirror first thing every day.

Respect Your Relationships

One of the most delightful features of Network Marketing is that it's the perfect "family business model". When your dearest ones join you, it is a wonderful opportunity to spend high-quality time growing, traveling and chasing your dreams together.

However, opportunity is about timing and readiness of the person - whether they're related or not.

As a professional Network Marketer we are in the sifting and sorting business,  not the strong-arming, guilt-tripping, begging, dealing or “convincing” business.  If you have to convince someone to join, you'll have to convince them to do everything!

There's little point in launching into your story about your opportunity if the other isn't "open" or looking for more or better, it's best to qualify their readiness first or else they won't hear a word you're saying.  This is easily accomplished through authentic, heart to heart communication.  It's powerful to simply ask the question:

“Are you open to hearing about a way to make some extra money working a side project with me that doesn’t interfere with what you are doing right now?”

If they are open, great!  Book an appointment with them to discuss the "possibilities" further, send them your best overview video to review in the meantime, then get back to partying!

Don’t Want: awkward moments at family reunions and holiday gatherings.

Respect your relations, granted, most people need what you have more than they realize and you have already realized and are implementing a solution.  Don't hold grudges or resentment when your loved ones decide it's not for them, and you don’t want them to think the only time they'll hear from you is when you want something.  It really boils down to supporting them where they are at, as loved ones, they'll support you back from there.  Hold hope for them.  It is not uncommon for some of your relatives to join you later once they've watched you for a while and have seen how it's done.

Lead on...

Master The Art of "Posturing"

gabon posturing-crop"I've got the cookie baby!"

This is one of the first concepts that was taught to me immediately over 20 years ago (I needed the coaching then and still do occasionally), it served me not only in my business, but also in my life and full-time career.  Posturing is positioning, it's the first blush of professionalism, it is also about attitude, confidence and belief in what you've got your hands on.

We have a boat load of scripts available, but like a good joke, the success of a punchline is all in the delivery.  Position yourself in relation to your opportunity and the person you are sharing it with - be the messenger, not the message.  The most perfect words will create awkward moments if you come across as desperate, needy or "over" excited. Posturing is about creating confidence and belief within yourself first, it's an inside job and like attracts like.

I'm Going With Or Without You

Make sure your dear ones understand you are committed to doing this with or without them. In your own style find a way to get your message across:

“This is something I’m very passionate about, something I believe in. I’m going to do it with or without you, but mostly I would LOVE to do it WITH you!!”

Let It Go And Take The Pressure Off Them!

What pressure?  The pressure to say "no" to a dear one.  If you should encounter resistance, rather than defend your "position", take the pressure off, let them know you'll always be friends and there are no expectations upon them except to decide if it's for them at this time or not. That shift in energy can give your friend space to reflect and reconsider on their own.

“Maybe the timing isn't right for you right now?  We'll always be friends so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!”

Never Mind

If your dear one says they are open, and their actions don't match that, gently remind them you are here to build a business now, not to convince people.

“You know, it doesn’t seem like you really ARE open quite yet.  I’m looking for people who actually are ready now.”

Be Committed, Not Attached

Attitude is king.  No matter how much you want it for them, they HAVE to want it for themselves.  Don't wait for their lights to come on, go find those with the fires already burning, it's the best way to light the flame of hope in those you love.

Some will want to watch how you do first, before deciding to take action themselves. Some will need to warm up to the idea, and they'll come around later.  Some will ask how they can support you best and still not join.  Some may try to talk you out of it from their love for and fear of "losing you".  Some you'll figure out quickly you don't want to work with anyway!

Purple Door Relatives By Appt

Use your ears and questions to figure each one out and move on with your search.

A professional loves a solid "no", it's clean, it allows us to let go and carry on.  It's those that waffle in their decision-making process that will hold you back if you wait for them.  It has been over 20 years since I decided to make this profession a calling, and even though Network Marketing has supported me just fine for over 10 years full time with it, there are still many friends and relations that remain steadfast in their belief this isn't for them. Not a problem. We still have a great time at family gatherings and nights out with the girls.

Network Marketing is my career choice, one that allows me the lifestyle to do more of all of the above rather than less.

Here's to more and better...whatever that may look like for YOU!

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