Wax On Wax Off…

I have just returned from Canada’s most gorgeous city on the West coast after having whisked my grasshopper off to play with his Mom for a few days at the heart of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia!

My reality has become rich with synchronicity and ease. This was my second trip in a month – first time back since almost 20 years ago – and the first for my son, Vancouver is a sensual city of extreme beauty and charisma, and my favorite – diversity. It buzzes with a certain energy that rejuvenates the soul and mind. On my first trip there I took a day to just walk around and “get a feel” for what this place is all about, I distinctly remember looking up at Canada Place and the Pan Pacific Hotel and thinking, “It would be way cool to stay there sometime…”

Fast forward to 7 days before this last weekend when I pulled up Hotwire.com to book a last-minute package for flight and lodging…the best deal – of course – was at the Pan Pacific, just 2 blocks from the event, which was a sold out venue anyway…so on the water we stayed, it was a very “uplifting” experience.

Although I didn’t know at the time I invested in the ticket to this seminar we went to attend, this get-away served as the fitting graduation gift for my son. I am proud as a peacock to have just witnessed the end of a long and grueling challenge for him – high school, or school in general. The fact that he was determined to finish what he started, even if he finished late was far, far more than “good enough” for me! I am grateful and in appreciative bliss that he is done with that so real life can begin for him…I was poolside in Reno, Nevada when he IM’d me to tell me he officially graduated! Yippee! I did a tearful happy dance right there on the spot!

Little did I realize going into this particular adventure just how significant and impact full the few days would be, and once again I am assured that investing in me first and following the inner callings – also called “my gut”, “a sixth sense” or “intuition” is abso-frickin’-lutely the way to do life to its fullest!!

After a direct flight and quick cab ride into the city Thursday evening, we were left with an East coast clock and a day to explore on Friday. We walked down to the beach and took in the sites of a new city, admired the yachts and imagined what it would be like to live on one all the time. We took an aquabus ride over to the hoppin’ Granville island where we walked around it and the public market, were entertained by Buskers, saw movie stars and shared our lunch in the sun with the very friendly birds watching on in anticipation.

For a Mom, it was a dream day of connection with her son. I am blessed with an unusually acute and aware young man, unlike others his similar age; he enjoys and appreciates both the beauty and contrast around him, in both the scenery and the people. Later in the day, we visited with a local friend whom, as a most gracious host, took us on a tour to some of his favorite parks and waterside spots that otherwise we wouldn’t have seen.

Shortly after 9am Saturday morning, after a good sleep, registration, hugs and re-connecting with some of those I had met on the previous trip, I sat up front in the room with my boy and watched clips of a movie he’s never seen, and one of my all-time favs – “The Karate Kid”. It kicked off the 2 days worth of events and set the context for what we were all about to both agree to and experience…

It was only a few weeks ago I attended InvestFest09 in Vancouver, where we were joined by many top trainers and speakers, amongst them and by far the most captivating was Marshall Sylver – the planet’s most accomplished hypnotist, performer, cold reader and benevolent “Millionaire Maker”, he’s out to win a Nobel prize. I have friends who have been in his presence in the past and highly recommended taking in his seminar, until now I hadn’t really heard the message. In observing the results in their lives since, it appears it indeed was a “Turning Point” for them.

Aside from being one of the most fun, goofy, charismatic, fascinating, and trustworthy people I have ever encountered, he also struck me as the most accomplished and gifted at what he does, which is “different” from those I’ve learned from before. As a coach and relationship marketer who’s raw material is “people”, I found his teaching the perfect missing piece for taking “what I do” to the next level.

Some of My Turning Point notes and videos too!

“I am morally and ethically obligated to share the good things I have with others. If something I’ve got stops being of value or no longer serves, I have a moral and ethical obligation to stop sharing it.”

  • SATORI – means to “be here now”
  • Showing up late in life is always “better than never”.
  • Living in the future is anxiety. Living in the past is depression.
  • NON-CONFRONT – the subconscious’s way of not dealing with something:
    – by not hearing, sleeping, going to the bathroom, getting sick, getting angry (a fear the offence will reoccur)
    Pay attention to what’s being said when I want to take myself out.
  • The higher the level, the bigger the devil. (Yikes.)
  • Most people spend their life preparing to live.
    The ultimate “non-confront” tactic is “to die”.


  • The fastest way to make any fear vanish is to experience it fully.
  • Give other people value.
  • Fall down 9, stand up 10.
  • Deal with what emerges.
  • My conscious mind is my “critical factor”, the gatekeeper that decides which is truth and which is resistance.
  • Those that think govern those that work.
  • Money is math.
  • The subconscious is a reprogrammable computer – garbage in, garbage out
  • Everything is hypnosis – hypnosis is the act of setting aside the “critical factor”.
  • Belief – “Whether you think you can or cannot, you’re right!” – Henry Ford
  • OBJECTIVE REALITY – is the opposite of “trance” or hypnosis
    Nothing has meaning except the meaning I give it.
  • You must plant in fertile soil, have relationships of harmony.
  • Michelangelo didn’t actually paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, he managed the people that did the work, he was a project manager!
  • Get Out Of Ego
  • Respond to challenges with, “So what. Now what”?
  • Develop RANDOM DISCIPLINES – do things in a certain way because it works
  • Communicators are always wealthy.
  • The devil is in the details.
  • Play every ace.
  • Your self-esteem is directly tied to your bank account.
  • It’s not about how much it costs – it’s about how much it’s worth.
  • Dis-ease spreads.
  • We become the product or average of our 5 best friends.
  • COLD READING – the ability to read others general thoughts by their body language.
    Every single thought has an outer physical response.
  • Be interested rather than interesting.
  • Be congruent. If my actions are a printout of my thoughts, transform my thoughts and my a$$’ll follow.
  • Walk around with a “subliminal smile” – have fun on the inside first!
  • Smile while delivering bad news.
  • Never apologize for messing up!

My success in life will be in direct proportion to how much stress we’re willing to handle. (This directly from my notes and as I type it I notice the change in context – from my to we? Learning – I don’t have to take all the stress on myself – I have a team!)

PROGRAMS – for your subconscious computer.

“I” or “I AM” Most powerful for your mind to hear.


“You” or “You Are”

THE MASTER PROGRAM – “It’s easy for me to change.”

Boldness is always rewarded!

Words = 7%
Tonality = 30%
Physiology = 63%

2 things about this came up for me – video is important to the internet and social networking online & I am SO very blessed and appreciating my gift with words and realizing if one is going to “talk in type”, that means 63% of the conversation is hidden, whoa, that math needs further analysis for sure! I can develop a whole training around this insight!


  • “Try” – think Yoda/Star Wars – Luke, there is no “try”, only “do”. Do or do not.
  • “Can’t” – Don’t know how to? Or Don’t want to?
    7 figures is just “different” not “difficult”.
  • “But” – remove it entirely and replace it with “and”, our Universe is by nature “and/or” engineered, it’s not an “either/or” world.

Hope –> KNOW
If –> WHEN
Problem –> CHALLENGE
Why –> WHAT? Or HOW?

When someone asks, “How are ya’?” or (here in Canada “How’s it goin’ eh?”)
Respond with, “Fantastic! Perfect! Awesome!” or if the above doesn’t fit the mood, “Getting better all the time.”

Put your requests out to the Universe!
Know what you want and continually offer your ideas and questions to others so that you are in a place to receive resolution and peace of mind.

It’s fast and it’s easy, brainstorm for no less than 10 minutes on paper, just start writing and don’t stop until the 10 minutes is up.

What do you want?
People to meet, places to go, things to see, awards to win, experiences to have…

What is your ideal day at work?
What is your ideal day at home?
What is your ideal body?
What is your ideal mate?

If your financial needs are met and you are being, doing and having anything you want, what does that look like? The sky used to be the limit and it isn’t anymore…I want to go into space! What is it for you?

What excites you?

Savor the wanting more than the having.

Communication = Wealth – Schmoozing works.

Try on the term “Plan Setting” instead of “Goal Setting”.
Go for at least a 7 figure income!

  1. The closer, more precise you can zero in on what you want will determine how fast you get something…
  2. List action quotas
  3. Plan High
  4. Chunk it down.
  5. Personal Alterations
  6. Read Every Day

Take the first step and the next one will appear. You don’t need to know “how”.


  1. Money is an energy source.
  2. Those that think govern those who labor. It’s not enough to learn, one must “become”.
  3. We have GOT to create value.
  4. You must always give more than you are asking for.
  5. Always give joyfully. Never loan money you aren’t willing to part with anyway.
  6. Be willing to accept money!
  7. Make sure it’s not about the money.
  8. It always comes from other people.

Think: “I’d rather be happy than right.”


  1. Labor
  2. Inspiration
  3. Serendipity
  4. Manifestation


  • I am totally responsible
  • I have great self-management
  • I am a great risk-taker
  • I have a manic need to succeed
  • I am a winner
  • I know my own limitations
  • I am massively organized
  • I am decisive
  • I am open-minded
  • I am always creating
  • I am a powerful leader
  • I am irresistibly influential
  • I have a joyful spirit
  • I am a strategic thinker
  • I am charismatic


A millionaire is someone that makes a million dollars joyfully.

Environment Enlightenment
“Change the people you hang out with or change the people you hang out with.”

The Persuasion Equation
“Influence is the ability to get somebody else to ask you for what you’re selling, and think it was their idea.”

All buying decisions are first based in emotion and backed up with logic.

Your job is to play with resistance. Find out why they said, “no”.

Funny means money. Lighten up, have fun, humor is your best selling tool.

Influence is; understanding you’re doing them a favor. It’s the ability to come from a place of “authority”.

Small commitments lead to large commitments.

Not expecting someone to measure up is an insult.

Use “pattern interrupts” – try something totally different if you want different results.

Deal with what comes up as it emerges.

People of influence are highly assumptive.

People vote with their wallets.

Persuasion and influence is how we communicate.

Be congruent to gain rapport, develop trust and credibility.

Be Real – help them to identify or relate to you.

Elicit their outcome – sell them what they want, not your product.

Play Every Ace

Influence is both a science and an art.

MODELING AN 8 FIGURE BUSINESS – $10 Million or more…

  1. Spiritual Health
  2. Balance – 1. mental 2. physical 3. relational 4. financial
  3. Priority Management – set dates on plans
  4. Massive Action
  5. Create a plan
  6. Systems for business – one for sales and one for marketing
  7. Influence (Selling) & Negotiation (Buying) – the poker game isn’t always won by the person with the best hand.
  8. Presentation Skills – be good at sharing what you have – the value line has moved
  9. Financial Investing
  10. Asset Protection and Tax Planning


Marshall Sylver’s Video Of His Trip