The Power Of A Dreamboard

Or even the mere thought of it…?

I was tidying up a shelf the other day and came across something that stopped me dead in my tracks and had me cracking up in the moment as I felt the “universal elbow in my ribs” and heard the cascading of a bunch of little events overtime all click together! It was also great motivation for me to get to this blog post I’ve been wanting to share with you!!

On January 30 I posted to my blog about having made my first dream board ever…
A Report Back From T. Harv Eker’s “Master Your Mind”!

(Click on the picture for a larger view.)

Well the Universe has had fun with me and that since then…

On February 15th I received an email from Melissa Wadsworth – the workshop facilitator. She had found her way to my blog and asked permission to use my dream board as an example in her future workshops.

Receiving her email was in and of itself a manifestation of a previous desire. I immediately recalled that while back at the workshop as I blissfully created my dream board, I found myself wanting an interpretation from Melissa on my board. I didn’t really think too much about it after looking around the room and realizing the chance of that happening may be slim. I was in the back corner of a very large room full of 1400 other people much closer to the facilitator. I was distracted by something in the moment and forgot all about it until this time.

In her email to me she said:

Julie, Your dream board is fantastic! I would love to have your permission to use the visual of it for future presentations. If this is acceptable to you, please share with me a few lines about what your board is showing you.

I appreciate your consideration. Uplifting others is so much about sharing the dynamic energy of people like you. Your board just radiates power and movement.

After reading her email I felt like a true master of manifestation…sitting in that room with 1400 other people I was clearly in exactly the right vibe as I launched my rocket of desire to connect with her!

In our email exchange following, I was able to receive her interpretation of my board. There was particular mention made of the little speaker being held by the hand. To me it represented my life-long desire to have a Bose stereo system, for Melissa it represented something more metaphorical:

The speakers are very interesting. I know that they have a literal meaning for you. Maybe the second meaning is about your voice or the “volume” you project being totally in your hands.

This statement immediately landed as true for me! And, at the same time a little voice in my head said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” I remember the thought distinctly because it was a thought that didn’t seem to fit in the moment…

I was delighted and thoroughly appreciated the expert input that Melissa provided me! I also learned that over time the intuitive and underlying meanings would continue to present to me!

Fast-forward to March 15th…

I’m sitting at my computer and it occurs to me I wanted to check on my VISA points. For every dollar charged to my credit card I get a point that I can use to get all kinds of cool stuff. Albeit a grand experience to get something for free I am made well aware by my point balance that as an aware consumer, I am indeed contributing to the health of our economy in a very big way! I use my credit card for everything I can. (Yes, I pay it off every month!)

As I browsed through the online catalogue of goodies I was delighted to find lots of new things that I wanted, and then it happened, I clicked over to the home audio section and there it was!! It was like the clouds parted and the angels sang…there was a page of all the Bose products and, I had more than enough points to get the one I always wanted!!

The list of things I had previously considered was quickly tossed aside…I immediately hit “add to cart” and proceeded to the checkout, I didn’t need to see any more!! I was finally getting my Bose!

What’s funny about this is that it isn’t about not having the money to buy one. I truly believe that money isn’t a variable when we truly desire something. I’ve always been able to buy it, I just always had lots of other things that took priority when it comes to my money, a $600 stereo seemed a decadent treat. Clearly, it was time to treat myself…

3 days later it arrived! As I received it from the UPS dude I recall thinking how great a job it must be delivering presents to people all the time! I was delighted and surprised he was there so soon, the website said 2 to 3 weeks!

It took all of 10 minutes to have it up and running. It sounds divine – even better than I remembered! It has a sexy little remote no bigger than a credit card – no buttons on the unit – and I can plug everything into it!

It is here, in perfect timing, all is well in the Universe and…damn I’m good!

But wait…there’s more…

Remember how this whole post started…?

Fast-forward to last week…

As I’m tidying the shelf I discovered a folder set aside for later. It contained all the leftover pictures I cut out during the dream board exercise back in January, I hadn’t room to put them on the board and saved them for a bigger board or my file of pictures and pleasing images…

As I flipped through the folder, I realized I had forgotten all about them, then came the surprise! In the folder was a cutout of the very Bose stereo I had received back in March. It didn’t make it to the dream board because it was too big…I immediately recalled I put the small picture on the board as a representation of my desire, a practical move at the time because it fit the space I had available.

I can now say and know, “I believe in the power of a dream board.” In the moment I found that picture I realized that making the time and space to focus on what I really want is the work…everything else has come from doing that work!

As I continue to let go of the attachment to stuff and money…I continue to be blessed with the perfect stuff – without regards to money – and I’m experiencing more money than ever before!!

And for some reason I am now making sense of the thought, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

So, what’s up on your board?

The Radiant Chocolate Goddess

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  1. Melissa Wadsworth

    Julie, You are one fantastic dream manifester!! Your energy is obviously on high with floods of creativity and affirming actions leading the way. It’s so wonderful to see and to feel connected to your life process. Your awareness, even in the seemingly most mundane situations, just shows that manifesting surprises and opportunities come to us each day if we just notice them. Fun, fun, fun!!

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