05-15-2016, Sunday


Good morning Universe and Hello my patient and unconditionally loving Spirit!

I am late to the page this morning and soon out for breakfast. It has been a couple of days and I am pleased to report, I am caught up on my journal transcription and publishing. Again I wonder what is it for?

You won’t know whom it is for until you put it ‘out there’, once you do you will quickly know and who it is not for. There is solace in handing off credit to your higher self for this content. You can guess well your most-likely ‘target market’ for your ‘product’.

What is a target market?

Those ready for what you are willing to offer.

Your intentions will be made visible to you for the courage to step up and out! You do not remember all the rockets of desire and preference that you launched and as you are becoming that true vibrational resonating match with some of your rockets you will remember that you launched it.

This is the serendipity that I am experiencing so much of in my life. I notice it is…”thicker”, more frequent coincidences, more obvious linking of subtle events in the 4 or 5 days after an Aya retreat, I relish that time while paying acute attention to my environment around me.


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