05-12-2016, Thursday


Good morning Universe and Hello my free-flowing Spirit! It is good to get up well rested with nowhere to be but here with my home-space. Today I will get some foodie and publishing completed!

Phone calls are also on the agenda and I am officially rebuilding my board of directors!

I will not assume and have the difficult conversations for clarity and closure. It is time for 12 friends to suck up their pantyhose and let’s go!

There is SO much opportunity for real, positive change here!

I had the realization yesterday that each retreat with Ayahausca leaves me that much more ‘picky’ about whom I take on. My vibe is valuable. If I protect anything it will be my attitude! “Let not man put asunder…”

[Googled it – Matthew 19/Mark 10:1-12 King James: “Jesus’ Teaching About Divorce”

Are you fuqqing kidding me?! LOL!!

Wow. So glad I am noticing what’s going on here. Universe, Aya, Intuition, Spirit, you are amazing!!

I am hearing the laughing Buddha song, “She got it, she got it.”

The finale of the retreat couldn’t have been more perfect as J. belted out his famous ice-breaker!

Thank you Mother. Thank you Father.

1QS: Rule of the Community – First found by a farmer. Essenes Dead Sea Scroll – Original Bible


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