05-10-2016, Tuesday


Good morning Universe and Hello my luminous Spirit!

I was just considering my progress with growth – I am trained to focus on the results and at this time the positive results I measure with money are subtle in my bank account. I see and experience a shift, how do I make it…bigger, faster or more?

Back to the caterpillar, enjoy the journey, stick to the disciplines that work with the natural laws and practices that help you connect with it.

One man’s sacred act is another’s horrible crime so what’s a girl to do?

That’s pretty funny. Also on the shift – I find myself pummeled in my days by the energy spirit and images of butterflies! They are everywhere in everything!!

I have bought new clothing and jewelry by compulsion and only since the retreat have I noticed!

Today I’m off to flutter about the store in Paris to play, organize and add value. Happy work!

It would be nice to win a car about now! And I will keep closer eyes on the transit situation as it develops here.

Go forth into your day in joy for the journey.


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