05-08-2016, Sunday


Good morning Universe and Hello my sunny Spirit! I am later to this space today having hit a bit of a wall over the last 48 hours or so. My diet has been ‘off the mark’ also so I am observing the dance of perspective around ’cause and effect’.

So I am hearing the question I asked simply on Sunday morning, “What exactly am I changing into?”

Perhaps it is ‘not for me to know’?

Would the caterpillar speed up his evolution by knowing he was going to soon be a butterfly?

The difference between you and the caterpillar is a level of thinking and free will to ask the question.

Would you ‘speed up’ your evolution if you knew the ‘thing’ you to Be next?

Another difference between you and the worm is that you blessed with the ability to create your reality – to change channels – to pick another possible outcome. In this life – this iteration of You, you are human Being.

Your metamorphosis is quite simply ‘in your Being’.

The most important and powerful question to ask is, “What do I want to become?

There it is again, “what do I want?”

The foundation of your free will, the thing the caterpillar does not have access to, decision-MAKING.

Decisions are quite literally ‘made’, your ability to choose in any given ‘moment'(um) is the blessing of consciousness, some of it more aware of itself than other ‘parts’ (particles) of it.

This ‘space or place’ you have quickly found your way to with Ayahausca is your cocoon for now. The sweet spot of all and nothing that you bask in for hours at a time is the most potent and ancient anti-oxidant on the planet! You have not only found your way to certain nirvana, you have manifested a ‘proverbial regeneration chamber’.

As you submit and surrender – as you feel every strand of DNA in your physical body unwind and relax, the light you all seek comes pouring from within! It is intense, you recognize the oncoming frequencies and ‘hang on’ for this ride of your life!

Do not go to your graves without experiencing this for yourself!


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