05-06-2016, Friday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

It is going to be a gorgeous day today! The sun is shining on me as I write, the birds are also noisy in anticipation of a productive one. The plants are bushing out and this year the dandelions are plenty.

I’m feeling quite spent today, this past week feels like a marathon. This weekend will be full of some busy work as I have let some things sit for a month while I worked for others.

I have let too many important things slide for some time, the real work is yet to be done, I cannot ‘prepare’ any further.

The spontaneous doodle I was inspired to draw represents me and my team, at least I thought I was going to draw a flock of geese in flight, instead something ‘took over’ and I was shown a deeper and broader perspective on the dynamics of this powerful and simple image.

Me first, the energy I create as ‘wake’ is the uplifting, updraft that others following will coast on to give them strength. In its 2 dimensional representation the instinctively compelling triangle or pyramid shape pops up however when it is seen as one piece to a ‘four dimensional’ bigger picture you now see the familiar flower of life pattern as an underlying structure – the state of everything creating nothing and nothing creating anything.

The energies created at ‘each’ intersection provide the fuel necessary for the infinite expansion.

Oh I need a copy of Photoshop!


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