05-05-2016, Thursday


Goood morning Universe! It is really good to be “all that ever was, is and will be”!

I am feeling a weariness today that I haven’t felt in some years! It is a kind of tired that comes from chasing a dream and I distinguish it from the weariness of ‘forcing life’.

I likened my last weekend’s ceremonies to marathon sex sessions. The complete nirvana-basking for hours leaves a subtle and impactful satisfaction unlike I have ever found in the throes of it with another human.

It occurs to me now that those diligent at the gym running their treadmills are chasing after something similar, and I have certainly listened to the stories of ‘rapture’ from the most passionate ‘runners’.


[OK. That was weird. I need some time to write out the insights and emotions that just happened as I surrendered to doodling. How profound. I need to think about this a bit before responding.]

I am in love for the first time!


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