05-04-2016, Wednesday


Good morning Universe and Hello my endless wondrous Spirit!

I am opening up this morning after watching the Russian Shaman video. I must do some diligence on this Master!

Where do I even start today?! LOL!!

The journey home yesterday was long and absolutely magical! The free ride on the GO bus was the ultimate punchline to a perfect day of travel home. Conditions were pristine and I was so tuned in to the subtleties of what was transpiring around me. I met some beautiful people along the way.

There is definitely something different about me since the retreat! I will give myself all the time I can to capture the realizations that flood in over the days post-Madre.

Take your writing with you! Get a clipboard for mobility. Stick it in your backpack and take this to go. There will be times you can write a page or so.

So it hit me last night that I am really just getting started with my Aya experience. “You’ll figure it out”, is her message and explains the feelings and insights I had as she said goodbye after Miami 2014.

I am so blessed to be flanked by the best leadership and mentorship on the planet bar none! I am sure I will be made aware of many more masters as I grow and expand my perspective on this journey of endless wonder!

Thank You Mother, Thank You Father!


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