05-03-2016, Tuesday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

I am here on the porch at 8301, it gives me heart swells of appreciation and love as I flow in the presence of the beautiful plants. Baroque is playing and accented by the sounds of birdsong, it seems as if I am listening to a meditation track!

I realized that listening to this special music just may be the ideal alternative to my usual ‘priming’ substance. I shake my head at the wonder of this or rather the irony. Until recently when I was reminded of the power of this music, I couldn’t stand it. This fact was the demise of what could have been a promising musical path. I rob bed myself of this experience and squandered a glorious gift because I could not hear this music. I get it.

Keep listening, it contributes to your healing and hones your focus, the channels will open up to it’s calling. It is heavenly and angelic.

I am off to catch the bus to the Miami Metro rail this morning. there is lots of time to get to the airport and I look forward to the journey, I intend to stop downtown for a wee sight-see and maybe a Starbuck’s.

I am feeling quite grounded this morning.

“Being vulnerable doesn’t mean I am a victim.”

“Go with the goo.” This came up while connected on Saturday, it made me smile and gives me the feeling that I am submitting to a process of nature that most of us deny.

Imagine the end result for the caterpillar that resists his transfiguration. To refuse to surrender to nature’s call is certain demise – at least in its physical iteration as a worm.

Ayahausca will eventually give me a flatter forehead with all the slapping of aha moments!

I do indeed have a different approach to Ayahausca’s call. J. replied with, “that’s for sure!”

I am grateful to be working with her sunnier side. I am respectful and humble enough to take heed to her coaching and insights because I am ‘warned’ by the many stories from others that there is no greater hell than her ‘wrath’ – which is still imbued with the divine love she carries. Her brand of ‘tough love’ is welcomed by me if needed, so far, she has been persistent in drilling me to ‘remain focused on the light.’

I am well aware of the necessity of the darkness to give us this experience as light and I am OK with it there as an anchor to the ALL that is.

I am feeling like I could remain here for longer and am feeling the pull to return home and get to the real work of my life.

Thank you Mother, thank you Father. I am grateful to the core of my being for this ‘second chance’. I will make the most I can of it and will do my best to step up to whatever it is I am becoming.

I am going to carry some cuttings home with me today. Something tells me I will have much better luck at getting her started this time, there is much love for her in my care.

If not before, I will see you again from my home space in the morning.

Transfiguration – the supernatural and glorified change in appearance. Origin – Latin – change of shape.

“The transfiguration spells out God’s dire extremity in getting a footing in human hearts and brains for his plans.”

9:40am – Miami International Airport

I have just arrived at MIA and wanted to capture this moment for the synchronicity that is glaringly present.

I made my way to the stop at NW 13 and University in front of Denny’s. I only had a $20 bill and of course the bus does not give change. The driver welcomed me on anyway and told me he would let me off to make my next connection. There was a gas station and store there so I ensured I had the correct change for my next ride.

As I stood at the stop I saw a pretty young girl waiting and asked her if she rides regularly, she smiled and said you’re at the right place and pointed to the sign. She was taking the 297 Orange Express – it was to take me directly to the airport!

The bus arrived and as I got on the driver waved me on not allowing me to pay!! How strange. Kemika and I chatted for almost a half hour, a bright young lady that lived in Welland for about 6 years of her life. Mom’s a nurse and Dad’s in construction. I made sure we connected on FB. She is driven and was on her way to pick up her driver’s license. She is going for 3 degrees in 6 years! Ambitious and I know she’s going places. Nursing and social work, education is her goal.

So next time I am here I will not bother J. for a ride!! And I will suggest he uses this new express method of transportation next time he needs to get to the airport!

There was another lady that I was struck by, she was watching the conversation between Kemika and I and when Kemika¬†left we had a quick hug and the lady moved into the seat next to me. I complimented her on her outfit and matching bag to which she replied, “I made it myself”. She was bored and thought she’d take a ride to the airport to walk around!

I may run into her again as I am about to climb the escalator to the people mover.

I think breakfast is in order.


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