05-02-2016, Monday


Good morning Universe and Hello my wondrous and luminous Spirit!

I am teary with gratitude this morning and asking that I be given divine recall so that I may capture at the very least the essence of this weekend’s experience.

Thank you, I love you.

10:00am – NW 12 St., Miami, Florida

Hello again Universe! Here I am at R.’s quaint and cozy home. The presence of my friends is missed.


So I know how I’m getting to the airport tomorrow, I have just turned on some Baroque and with your guidance, I can now be with you to record as best I can the events from this past weekend.

My intention is to extend my time with this miraculous plant to a -day retreat!

Clean up, Open up and Connect!

I wondered if there would be purging on the first night and my question was answered in epic proportions! I don’t think I have ever purged so much or so deeply, it seemed to come up from my knees. The evening was quiet and I drifted in and out of slumber as she worked her magic in my cells. I knew that the next day would likely be very different. The room was somewhat solemn after that first ceremony as we sat in silence eating over fruit and soup, I excused myself to bed after a hot shower.

J. and R. and family are up to something epically special on their new turf. I found myself feeling as I did upon arriving at Nan & Pop’s or Red Cedar, it has a cottagey feeling at this farm. I can’t wait to see the new maloca when it is done.

On Saturday we all sat individually with Julio and Rosalia to report our experience and talk about our intentions for that day’s ceremony. I sat down and reported I had nothing. The first night is clean up, today we will go for the connection!

Connection, the sweet spot we all strive to get to with Aya. That place of inner sun and infinite ‘space’.

Saturday was a replay of the last day of my last retreat. I chose to sit in a comfy chair as I awaited her arrival. I found myself chanting Ho?oponopono as I waited and as I did this and focused upon those that have “done me wrong’, the tears flowed in heartfelt compassion for their arduous journeys.

[IDEA: Ayahausca jigsaw puzzle – custom cut – 10,000 pieces?]

At about the time others were starting to purge R. came by and invited me to lie down with a warning that sitting up is a form of ‘control’.  I remember laughing out loud and thanking her for the insight. I was truly grateful for the suggestion because as soon as I laid my head down I could feel my DNA start to unfold and I hung on as the intensity of the incoming light illuminated my inner world. I surrendered to the process immediately and twitched and writhed while riding the healing current. I am always fascinated at how lucid I am while in her control. I was reminded again that the best story is no story. I am here to focus upon the light in a place where I am truly protected from darkness that is not me or mine.

I am ‘reborn’ on the sunny side of life!

The following morning while reporting my experience to my masters, I was informed I had reached that state of Nirvana, the place of everything and nothing. Yes I agreed. J. also wanted me to know that I am very good at this with Aya. I very much appreciated that input.

I came to ‘fill up’ and take her home with me where the real work begins. Practical application of the information and insights onto my reality and life is the work for me here.

[I am sitting on the patio admiring the abundant greenery, the majesty of the Ayahausca ‘tree’ and enjoying the breeze and sound of the chimes.]

I know Don Jose’s medicine when I drink it. My suggestion to J. is to use another medicine for clean up and Don Jose’s magical brew for connection.
Sunday was the best and longest session yet, our facilitators had to call us back home and if it wasn’t for the music and the chimes I may have drifted off for good. This day I felt as if I was in a boat drifting far out from shore, I am left with the impression I am learning how to steer this experience and I am aware that she could throw anything at me that I am ready for. I was more confident to ‘leave my body’ to process. The sounds of the environment were very far away at one point and I recall considering whether I wanted to return at all.

I was thinking about the stories of the ancient Egyptian mystery school 12 year training in preparation for the safe return of such a journey. It was easy to not care about this physical reality for a while.

J. promised he would sing a song for me and when he showed up to do that I was awed by the synchronicity. He sang about the heart at exactly the same time I was ‘adrift’ and wondering if my heart was still beating, I was – as best I could – trying to find my heart beat. I could feel her making her way through my body, my liver was fibrillating at one point and I knew she was healing in my organs, later as I rinsed myself with plant and chlorophyll water it seemed like my liver was ‘swollen’ or ‘distended’, no worries, it’s part of the process and confirmation of intuition.

Nov 9, 2013 – 1st cup with Ramon – Thyroid and throat chakra. “You have your voice back.”
1. Aug 9-11, 2014 – 1st 3 day retreat with J. at Sylvia’s – Opened my pineal gland and crown chakra. “Download and cleansing.” Connection on second day.
2. Oct 10-12, 2014 – J. and R. at the Lyceum – Connection and healing
3. Nov 21-24, 2014 – Miami – New heart, life review, deep healing.
Mar 2016 – alone at home
4. May 2015 – Colleen at Marylou’s
5. April 29-May 1, 2016 – Clewiston Retreat Center


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