05-01-2016, Sunday – Day 3 – CEUDV Retreat


Good morning Universe and Hello my beautiful Spirit! It is another beautiful morning here in remote Florida.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

Please open the channel for me here so that I may capture the new information I am being bestowed with!

I am joined with bunny energy this weekend, four of them. Last night as I regained my faculties and opened my eyes I was struck by their presence. They were adorable as they congregated around R. and the journeyers. They are a perfect adornment in this space.

Today’s final ceremony. So far I have not had the direct experience of Aya’s voice, and I intuit that it is unnecessary at this stage of my development. I am recalling one of my insights from the November 2014 retreat and that is “the best story is no story”. I know what I received and it has little to do with anything I bring to this table.

Perhaps Aya is having “fun” with me?

Once you have ‘let go’, there is only bliss, abundance and prosperity – your natural states.

You have also let go of your need to suffer. Your old victim character has been seriously compromised by your deliberately creating new entities to replace him.

Contrast is beautiful in favorable context, once you are becoming of your new personas you can say, “been there done that.”

Stand your ground and respect the perspectives of those still coming to this conclusion.

You are here to focus upon the light, to hold fast the gate so that others may find their way to it.

You have earned the right to be a little sad, it would be delusional to expect otherwise given your current circumstances. It is enough to own it and feel it when appropriate. Sadness is very different from fear, if left to run you it would be debilitating, just know it’s there and honor it as you choose happiness instead of it.

Compassion is sadness for others. As you feel compassion you are able to hold a space for the other’s best.

Fear is still not a major factor for you, uncertainty is.

As you go into today’s space, make sure your facilitators are clear on your intent.

A second cup will puncture the veil that you sensed yesterday.

I am very incoherent when I am fully connected. I am curious to experience something deeper and lighter.


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