03-31-2016, Thursday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit! It is an early, dark, wet one and I am writing in the glow of the Chromecast slide show and candles. The coffee is good and I am appreciating the relief of closure this morning having paid the final invoice on my appeal. In the end, I paid half of what I had ‘ball-parked’ and certainly, in agreement with my Gal, also to add to the winks – I am getting twice back what I expected for last year!

There is only fresh, new abundance to create! I feel lighter today…be off to flic your Bic then!

For the times when timing isn’t so perfect I would like to ‘tip my hat’ to good credit and financial ‘credibility’. I am always supported financially because this system that has been hijacked, is there for our benefit first.

I can understand the ‘establishment’s’ need to take care of ‘its people’ – otherwise there is nothing to govern, this kind of ‘mindset’ is atrophying with the establishment! The tricky part is leaving your people ill-equipped to cope on their own.

I can understand the significance of a ‘transition’, a ‘movement’ towards more ‘self-sufficients’.
Given the ramifications of our past choices, we are back to “you cannot ‘jump’ from over here to over there.”

Self-sufficiency comes out of a boatload of self-awareness, which comes from a raising of your frequencies or your vibe.

It will always come back to ‘energy’ – pure positive potential realizing its Self just as you are.
What you focus upon expands. You are a writer and thought leader, you can do whatever you want ‘Knowing’ that.

Do you believe you are that?

Perhaps not entirely yet. Why? Trust?

There are no trust issues, only understanding issues.

We can assure you from our broader vantage point you ARE that.

I can intellectually and consciously agree and have NO idea what the above ‘looks like’ from here.

Look around you. Are you happy? You are on your path, how does it feel? Here and Now is ‘it’.
You have run out of things to wait for, this is a good place to be. Your focus gets stronger each time clarity is received.

Keep the pen moving, the mind is a powerful distracter. How easy it pulls you into the eddies of toxic thought, you unconsciously grab onto one and the flow begins.

Please assist me to consciously catch myself before grabbing. I am thinking about times when I have forgotten an oven mitt…


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