03-30-2016, Wednesday


Good morning Universe and Hello my sunny Spirit! Thank you! Thank you!

I love my world of serendipity and delicious surprises!

And. I am grateful for my ‘correct’ intuition. I made a written note declaring my sense that the ex had returned – as your Mother said, “I can’t tell if he’s really in Greece?” I assured her I could tell.

So last evening I’m sitting on the porch lingering because it was a nice night, when I feel a sudden whiff of ‘anxiety’. I look around, shrug off the thought that someone may drive by…and return to my work. A few minutes later I hear footsteps on the stoop, the doorbell rings twice as I hear my roommate heading to answer it and I know – before hearing the voice that it is him. I have to say it was a spooky moment as my realizations about our connection come flooding back. I will take any response he wants to make in writing. Perhaps he was grateful to have met my roommate at the door, the exchange was pleasant, and always a couple of inches from the door is the mailbox.

I think whatever’s playing out is unconscious to him.

So today I am celebrating victory! Albeit quite late, the ex delivered my notices from our CRA.

If I am interpreting the paperwork correctly, I did really good. Aside from the precedence-setting aspects that were the real win here – going through this process was worth the price of the tuition to learn in the end! It paid you handsomely to ‘step up’.

How much of a win would it be if our government institutions supported this way of life? Priceless.

Hold onto this lofty vision of yours. We will guarantee you others are well on this path back to fully-functioning. You are finding them as you revel in your dream of Utopia! This is you dancing on the very tip-top edge of leading thought. There is plenty of time and resources at your command. Trust yourself to use time and space to your ultimate advantage. You will never please them all and in fact those you don’t please won’t even be ‘able’ to see you soon.

I am learning SO much about ‘me’ through these last few months!

Yesterday was also a day spent on shift at L.K., it was a lovely day – albeit a rocky start, I enjoyed walking around re-familiarizing myself with the space. They are good-intentioned, hard working people there, salt of the community. It is no surprise to see whom has been weeded out of the mix. My perspective is shifting as is evidenced by the bubble there.

I thought a lot about how this opportunity came my way. This is a point where I wish I had documented my intuitions and premonitions at the time, I wish I had better recall of the details and am knowing the importance of the ‘feeling place’.

I took several months from this space when I was ‘going through’ some of the most challenging experiences to navigate emotionally.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You. I love You.

I have enough recall – more than enough from this ‘broader perspective’. That’s the simple trick – just get above yourself from there you see more of the story. From higher awareness you can see ‘the punch line’. What you view as pain and suffering eventually becomes something that makes you smile and even giggle at the ridiculousness of your previous vantage point.

Aha! I see why I did that, made that choice now! I had to divert myself around an even bigger obstacle. Eventually life as you know it now becomes your own best video game.

So when this ‘little job’ came about I was just wrapping up the process I went through with my parents over August till the end of October. During this time I discovered the ‘covert’ plan to move M. into C. I have to say that ‘incident’ really kicked off ‘the radar’.

I will ALWAYS give myself kudos for the ‘response-able’ way in which I handled the realization because in the few months to follow, I didn’t know the boatload of treasure I would uncover – with respect to my chosen endeavors and all those participating in them – I ‘undug’ my heels and ‘went with’ the circumstances that were presenting – with or without my ‘consent’.

Still with respect to my chosen path – taking that ‘little job’ was one of the best things I could have done for my development and my belief. It gives me the opportunity to check in with my ‘relatability’ and my credibility.

Would you say you have more or less ‘credibility’ with yourself after the last 6 month sprint?

More. It feels like ‘a reward’, an award or acknowledgment of ‘standing your ground’. There came a point, (or two) where you were ‘unwilling to follow’. You know if you stray too far from your truest path, it’ll be too much risk and hard work to find your way back.

You can see farther ahead than others and not as far as some.


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