03-29-2016, Tuesday


Good morning Universe and Hello my luminous Spirit!

I am parked in the kitchen to write this morning and on the clock as I must prepare for a day out at L.K. in Paris. It has been almost 3 months since my last shift there, I find myself looking forward to a change of pace and focus for a day.

I also find it interesting that throughout the time I last spent there, I totally ‘neglected’ this practice. It is my goal from here to make sure to have space for this no matter what. I would like to have had something to revisit in those months leading up to the new year.

Here is your opportunity to pull everything together!

Take your products! You are a rep for some of the finest nutritional and food products on the planet, there’s nothing more convenient or life sustaining.

Madre has been supportive of your mission because ‘She’ knows where you are headed.

You and your life is highly duplicatable! Others look on in wonder at your freedom, and until they ask or engage, they will continue to wonder ‘what you do and how you do it’.

We will only touch upon it ‘briefly’ for the purposes of gaining wisdom…and your days of cowardice and subterfuge have a number on them. There is too much, light upon its hold on you, old ‘entities’ are like the vampirical legend – they cannot survive in the light, they are powerless over you as you stand in the light of truth.

You can look fondly upon your life-long fascination for the ‘vampire’ metaphor. Yes Virginia, there really is vampires, remain on the sunny side of the street.

The eternalness you bring to this experience with you was created by older, less aware versions of you. You have taken eons to get to this time and space you call NOW. You can safely bet that as you continue forward the stuff you collect comes with you – just as you would move from one house to another in your current reality.

It is no coincidence you are so called to ‘lighten the load’ as you look towards a future – that will be longer in years yet – than those you have been here for. Some of most of[ the things you collect are ‘familiar’, like a blankie, even your – especially your ‘beliefs’, and beliefs are built upon life’s experiences – not just this one. Not sure why you have certain preferences and phobias? Look further back to your last life, or the one before that – you were different people then.

You are seeing a clearer picture emerging that ties all your lives into another bigger experience – any life story here and now is mirroring ‘the process’.

Just as you are downsizing your memorabilia of this life – holding a memento and asking, “why am I keeping this?” has been an empowering exercise for you.

You no longer have a ‘need’ to hoard. a ‘need’ to surround yourself with blankies.

The cowardice you brought to this life is not – for the most part – yours. You can keep a ‘documentary’ and move on.

None of this paper and ink means anything to anyone outside of this moment-o.


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