03-28-2016, Easter Monday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit! I am up extra early this morn having been woken by a very loud clap of thunder. Thank you for the sunny warmth yesterday, it was enjoyed with the ones I love. The bonfire with the girls was a perfect way to top the day off.

It is Easter Monday and I am still feeling ‘antsy’ about my business. Intuition tells me there are others watching and wanting to participate, therein lies my work. How do I coax another to ‘commit’?

Immediately I am ‘trained’ to ask, “How do I coax myself to commit?

I thought I was fairly committed already.

Can a woman be ‘fairly’ pregnant?

When you first peed on your tester stick to have it turn positive, that was a defining moment of commitment, you entered into an experience there was no backing out of – even if you had chose not to proceed, your consciousness is ‘affected’ forever.

With respect to your chosen profession, you are already pregnant and nowhere on your list of options is a place for aborting, you are determined to carry your baby to term in the healthiest way you know how. You are as every One, doing the best with what you have to work with.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. I love you.

You are getting it figured out, it is ‘normal’ to not know the details too soon, let the Universe handle those as you do your work of stepping up your vibe.

Stay with your preferred others and keep making your presence known, you are doing the fundamentals, consistency and ‘length of focus’ are the parameters you are working on. Let go of the drama that continually attempts to hijack your attention, meaningless pursuits are not your concern and holds little of your stored up desire.

I am amazed at how fast the early morning hours go by. I was up before 4:30am and just looked at the clock to see 2 hours have passed! This pen seems to have the power to warp time…keep it moving, nothing is assured to happen if it is not able to record.

Today my mind is full of ‘unfinished business’ and loose ends. I feel as if I want to do a ‘blitz’ and clean up, and also noting my resistance to just doing the important things first.

You do some pretty important things on a very consistent basis in your days. Do not flog yourself for imperfection – EVER – and especially when you know you have to learn and master yet.

I was struck by Theresa Gregory’s picture of she and John Maxwell at one of his workshops. I like Theresa as a role model! She seems ‘real’, ‘authentic’ and completely in her joy. It is my wish that I be seen and remembered that way. I am somewhat awe-struck by the energy and passion these leaders have.


We would like to point out that you have a tendency to attract this type of leadership examples and situations because, hmmm, perhaps you are one of them?

I was just wondering what the dysfunctional side of their lives might look like and I am instantly reminded to remain focused on the light – let your best side of life remain in it. It is old habit to wander after the ‘monster in the bushes’.

Their challenges – just like yours – are yours to solve and you stand a better chance of finding delicious solutions following your mentors above, rather than the ‘bunch’ you came from. We feel your love and compassion for them as you write this, appreciation and respect is always something in your forefront.


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