03-27-2016, Easter Sunday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit! It is Easter Sunday and there is much hunting for chocolate going on. I am parked on the stoop awaiting the burn off of the frosty fog and the promise of a warm, sunny day. I’ll be with the fam for most of it – I will put my ‘mediation’ cap on today and enjoy the connections that are love.

It would ‘appear’ that my ex companion is back from his trip. I want to document this because I believe I can ‘feel the fact’. There is an underlying ‘anxiety’ missing and it is ‘as if’ I can still detect his frequencies ‘in the mix’.

I find it ironic that for one so ‘careful’ around my perceived need to be ‘right’, how delightful it is to be wrong! It struck me when M.K. said, “Oh you just want to be right!” It made me think, ‘no, not really’.

There are many times I wish I had been wrong or ‘crazy’ like my friends thought at first. Time and predictable action is on your side. You have a knack – from your broader perspective – of seeing the wreck coming – your attempts at ‘early warning’ are met with incredulity because what you are usually proposing will occur, is not something others can imagine or understand from their perspective.

In the early stages of ‘forming prediction’, it is a ‘no-win’ situation, you hope you are wrong, you question your ‘soundness of mind’ and you desperately try to ignore the mountain of ‘evidence’ collecting around you. The picture becomes clear AFTER you’ve already ‘felt’ it.

So given that we create our reality – I still ‘struggle’ in my understanding of how intention, intuition and ‘prediction’ ‘work’ together?

I respond to what I ‘feel’. If there is ‘incongruence’, if something feels ‘off’, it probably is, it is your nature to focus there for the cause, the evidence to answer your questioning soon follows, you get more of what you are focusing on and the clarity you inevitably seek pops out as all the pieces of evidence fall together to tell the story You have been needing to play out.

You bet you have sadness! You have earned the ‘right’ to feel it, now let go of it and move on. The sadness means little to others and it only serves to clog you up and ‘hold’ you back. It is self-flagellation at its ‘finest’.

Non of Us envies this journey you are so courageous to take. You have hidden your Easter eggs very well on yourself. It is the brilliance of a Master to set up such a game. We applaud you for your tenacity!


I am feeling the call to return after a break to say good morning to my roommate and put a pot of coffee on.

I am feeling more ‘connect to the flow’ today, it is with a more peaceful heart I come from.
New adventure seems the theme – certainly there are ‘old adventures’ beckoning me, and I am truly not interested in the ‘follies of denial’.

I am crone – on a mission with a purpose. This ‘smallness’ I seem to be expanding out of is looked upon fondly for the learning.

Living life conscious requires a letting go to an extent that earns you the right to feel sad for a while, it is part of a ‘condition’ and set of frequencies that must be traversed to get to your more preferred higher ones. The more you try to ‘skip over’ or ‘short cut’ the journey, the more resistance is building. Denying yourself a full on physical and emotional ‘grieving process’ does not serve your ability to traverse the gap between ‘over here’ and ‘over there’ where you want to Be. Chronic resistance leads to chronic physical ‘ailment’.

Beware those that never cry, keep your distance and respect the power they unconsciously wield.


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