03-25-2016, Good Friday


Good morning Universe and Hello my amazing Spirit! It is a quiet day as the world around me takes a break from ‘business as usual’ for a day.

My arrival here is later than usual and I have been ‘pokey’ this morn in the silence. It will be a busier weekend with my peeps – send us some peasant weather to move about in.

This morning as I reconnect with another of my ‘pant medicine’ friends I am reminded to sit the butt down and write my story about my recent learnings with Aya.

I see my ‘procrastination’ and at the same time a sense of urgency to ‘get it down’. I want to be certain my emotions and ‘scatteredness’ don’t interfere with my message?

Intuition says, “simply begin”. You are like the painter or sculptor trying to hold a creation in your head – let it out – the resistance to this flow does not serve you or the greater good. You will appreciate the documentary of your journey later we assure you.

Your story is important for understanding the evolution of your Beings. Understanding always leads to deliciously good things.

Your hunger for truth, your passion to ‘do something’ with what you are finding is your contribution to us all.

It is no small thing you have embarked upon here.

Aya is your metaphorical ‘blue pill’ and you took it some time ago. This is an important plateau you are acclimating on, you are ‘The One’ you have been waiting for!

You are going to be beside yourself with joy and delight when you ‘see’ what’s in the Universal hopper for you next….

Go create a masterpiece this weekend – those who recognize brilliance are standing by ready to be noticed by you.


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