03-24-2016, Thursday


Good morning Universe and Hello my beautiful Spirit! It is a good morning for that part of us we call ‘duck’!

It is Good Friday tomorrow and already I feel a ‘smoothing’ of the collective vibe as most peeps prepare for Easter activities.

I am excited about waking up in the mornings, the results of this work have me excited to get to this space. I enjoy these early hours of silence as the rest of my world wakes up.
Today I am giving myself some change! I am off to get a hair cut and I’m going really different this time, going short again and (having been left ‘snowy at the temples’ this past couple of years), may treat myself to the first ever colouring. I am looking forward to meeting my new stylist.

Yesterday I visited my tax Gal to sign the papers for filing. I was chuckling on the way home at the ‘foible in my favour’. My return was substantially more than I had expected. When I inquired – under the assumption I had erred – she told me it wasn’t me, I was over-taxed on my withdrawal form my savings. In that moment it made sense. When ‘my guy’ processed my transaction he was in a hurry and likely high-balled the deduction for ‘convenience’. Cool. Done. Thank You.

My entire focus is about sharing my perspective on my learning about ‘money’.

I have added that to the list of things one ought not to talk about at a party – religion, politics and finances. Of course it is the missing variable for many, and I believe [our] beliefs around what money is – and is not – needs some ‘reassessment’.

If it really is as easy to create a castle as a button, then why don’t we all just create our castles? Or on that matter how about some buttons?!

Simply put into one of your nutshells,

“You don’t believe you can.”

What does a world ‘look like’ when everyone has ‘more than enough’?

What does a ‘govern-ment’ have to govern in this world? Certainly not your spirituality or your money. If every one has ‘more than enough’, they are probably doing work they love or their own work – either way they are happy being whom they are and doing what they came ‘here’ to do.

You are – individually and collectively – your own government! When everyone and everything is functioning fully – there is little need for an appointed ‘government’ outside the ‘whole’. The fact that your reality – your world still has [them] is because there is some collective ‘stepping up’ to do to ‘eradicate’ governments in the way you currently perceive and believe in them.

Self-empowerment – owning one’s journey prohibits relying on anyone person or thing Do you believe the people that make up your vast governmental systems are ‘fully functioning’?

It is a slippery slope when we ‘rely’ on the beliefs and actions of something outside of us. When on a slippery slope, there is nothing to do but be in the moment – to stay ‘righted’ until you reach stable ground, one mis-step and down you go. The slippery slope is not a place to ‘pitch your tent’, it is a spot to get clear of or erode away with it. It is tentative…ironic.

You are thinking of Taylor Swift’s talk before her performance at the Hall of Fame…

I love how the world seems to open up and sends me new information and resources as my understanding and perspective shifts. From ‘here’ it all looks like ‘perfect timing’, I am realizing how it is ‘here’ all along – it’s my ‘view point’ on the world that has changed.

Am I ‘jaded’? What does that even mean?


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