03-22-2016, Tuesday


Good morning Universe and Hello my luminous Spirits! It is a crisp morning as I write from the ‘stoop’ waiting for the Sun to pop into my face.

If I intended for a better-feeling place I’m certainly finding it.

Thank You for the productive day yesterday! My pages have a place to call home on my web, I am pleased with my format and confident I have a fairly private place to present from. I LOVE our technology and the peoples that make it use-full!

I am enjoying the archiving, editing and publishing of this content, it ‘feels like my own’ and yet I do not feel it all comes from me nor is entirely about or for me. I have been years ‘mustering the gumption’ to ‘put it all out there’.

You are a fine example of positive focus backed by action! You have proven you are ‘willing’ to take the necessary actions (once you know you need to take them.)

Intent creates context. As a seer and visionary you are here to ‘create a story’, to create a new, never before experienced by ANY other ‘reality’. As one ‘willing’ to risk, you understand the risks are also part of the game…and the illusion.

Perceived risk is always born out of a ‘fear of loss’. Risk is formed from ‘imagined outcomes’.

So if: “what we focus upon expands” is true,
then: Are you imagining ‘good things’ or ‘bad things’? Do you really expect the best outcome? Then where’s your risk now?
Yes, this and that [contrast] “could” happen,
And if: the above is still true, why focus there?

Doing so will leave you stuck in the mud spinning your wheels every time.

Association – your proximity to other frequencies is critically important. The ‘drift’ that is referred to in Napoleon Hill’s private and eyebrow-raising “Outwitting The Devil” pops up here for you – yes that was a scary book – you are breathing huge sighs of relief that you have somehow found your way out of one of your major drifts – in fact – tracking back – it’s one of the things you are good at – getting out of the drift or not going there at all.

Wanting to help others out of their ‘drifts’ is impossible without risking your experience.  Your desire to remain strong while with them is ‘noble’ – the ‘sacrifice’ (a bedfellow of risk) is greater than you ‘should’ be willing to make. “They”, your loved-ones, the ones you risk losing by letting go may not be ‘the’ ones for you any longer IF you truly want to remain on YOUR spiritual path, J.R. was so right when he delivered to you that,

“Nothing and no one are more important than your spiritual path.”

It’s just me and Source, or more aptly put, Me ‘as’ Source.

What shall we create next?

I say we’ve done pretty good so far as Abraham has said, “Things can only get better, there’s no end to it!”

I have witnessed this expansion in my real life MANY times before, it is easy to forget our core values, the ‘good habits’ while caught up in a drift opposed to our preferred destination. It takes a loud clap of intervention to ‘wake us up’, to ‘detach’ us from this Matrix. It is like being ‘hypnotized’. Ask anyone who swims freely with dolphins about this effect. Dolphins are very consciously good at ‘lulling” one they love onto their team. Get too in the moment and soon you are fighting currents your dolphin friends swim through with ease.

It is not the dolphin’s intention to harm, it is their intention to include and relax you. Knowing this tactic of the dolphins ‘saves lives’.

So looks like my sun has risen under cloud cover. It is time to get out – cold or not!

It is a long weekend coming up and the energy will be very celebratory for many. My wish is for a warm and sunny environment to play in!


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