03-21-2016, Monday

Every Day Is A New Chapter

Good morning Universe and Hello Sunshine!

The coffee is good, a cardinal beckons and the front stoop is bathed in the warmth of the star we call ‘Sun’.

I am beginning to feel like my real self a month into my new environment. In my desire to ‘cut ties’ to old habits and beliefs, moving day and the month leading to it seems a long ways away. I am more able to use hindsight to see the state I was ‘in’ on the way out. Geesh. Don’t do that to myself again!

Going forward I choose lighter more joyous lessons! Yes ‘it’ [my darkness] is here with me too, and I will let Aya, the Universe and my higher Sources steer the details as I focus on the light and feeling better.

Climb that ‘Stairway To Heaven‘ here and now, your emotional frequencies are like the strings on a harp, make your way to those higher notes!

What each of you needs to do to ‘make this happen’ is of no concern to each other. Judgment of ‘how’ one gets there is not your work – nor is judging how ‘You’ got and are getting there.

Belief is the ‘Key’ to an individual and unique experience, some pursuits more macabre and ‘creepy’ are not YOUR preference – ¬†really.

Over the weekend I listened to an interesting audio of Alan Watts on ‘addiction to thinking’, well it lead me to, yep, more thinking. Thank you Alan.

I am reminded of the t-shirt I bought for my son at one of Harv’s seminars, I wish I had one of my own.

It said: “Don’t Think, Don’t Think, Don’t Think, Don’t Think…about 100 times.

A bit of a push-back don’t you think?

The ’emotional harp’ is not played with words or fingers, it is played with your heart.

Now you are catching a whiff of the importance of your ‘new heart’? You knew the moment you listened that you had received a tremendous and humbling gift.

How do I separate intuitive vision from my ‘expectation’? How do I tell ‘inner knowing’ from ‘paranoia’?

You know enough now to navigate using your ‘clean slate state‘ as practice ground for newly acquired ‘awareness’. It is not that your new heart is ‘bulletproof’, but that it is now ‘protected’ by consciousness in a way that was…hmm…impossible before.

In your ‘less aware’ states you are ‘vulnerable’ to perhaps, ‘hostile’ environments, you are like the ‘babe in the woods’ doing what is necessary to survive, hacking your way through an ‘underbrush’ you cannot yet see over, also a critical phase to initiate one’s way through.

You know in your new heart you would not change a single variable or parameter of your past experiences. Each ‘aha’, revealing moment, uplifts you to a broader perspective on the ‘whole’ of reality, specifically over your own experience, journey – life.

The ‘whole’ is all-inclusive and to remain ‘ever-expanding’, it must include ALL preferences, ‘it’ does not judge the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ of a choice , an event, a ‘thought’. There simply and beautifully is no expansion without ‘wholeness’. The Yin/Yang of nature prohibits exclusion.

So why do you? [exclude]

“Focus on the light,” she said.

The darkness will always be there if you choose to visit again. ¬†Your work is in another direction, on a path you have spent productive time on before. Keep sharing! ‘Do’ your best in any given moment. Stay ‘alert’ for those showing up to join you along the next ‘stretch’. You do need people, get over it, you haven’t yet met those that need you for what YOU bring to the grand table.

Be Yourself. You are loved for whom you are.


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