03-20-2016, Sunday

First day of Spring!


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

I am here feeling uplifted and supported today. Although late to the page I have a desire to be here, to flow.

I have a new stack of writing paper and more where this came from with an invitation to use it up!

I am a couple days away as the details of my new situation settle. I am wanting to sprint and yet cautious to move too swiftly in my healing phases. It is very much like surfing I imagine? Riding the waves of emotion, steering, focusing and utilizing their tremendous power – it’s me and the wave – we are one. Nothing else matters in some of these moments as I breathe through the effects of my resistance to flowing my deepest feelings.

Up and out with some of it, it no longer serves my greater good to carry it.

Be-ware this ‘inner seething’ for it is the food of darker things. Let it go, let it go.

You are feeling a little more ‘long term’ about where you are at now. As long-term as it is, time has a way of causing things to flow and shift so be dreaming of your next move and all the ways it will be perfect because NO THING is forever.

New week, new quarter coming up!

April, May, June – Go Sapphire and work with a new team! There is so much benefit to what you have to offer as a professional – you KNOW what you are doing and you KNOW how to show others – this is not rocket science for sure!

What does ‘massive action’ ‘look like’ for you?

Being focused, engaged, having fun, getting OBVIOUS positive results. Feeling momentum build like an orgasm of release when expansion is achieved!


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