03-16-2016, Wednesday

On Humility…


Good morning Universe and Hello my amazing and loving Spirit!

Thank you for playing this fun game with ‘me’ here now.

I am pondering these feelings of ‘humility’ that are a new and subtle constant in the mix of the flow. There’s a definite difference in ‘frequency’ between feeling ‘humbled’ and those feelings around ‘unworthiness’. It is as if humility motivates me to ‘step up’, to be better. The…hmm…guilt and shame wrapped into a poor self-image is the opposite causing us to ‘shrink back’ or atrophy.

This place of ‘humility’ I have heard of for so long is not so much a feeling as it is a ‘knowing’. My humility is run with compassion as truths not so beautiful ‘come to light’. Humility is also folded up in appreciation and gratitude for the wisdom and ‘wherewithal’ to understand the true nature of ‘Nature’.

Playing the ‘Game of Life’ is no small thing in any dimension of the Universe. Seeing ‘behind the curtain’ of the ‘matrix’ you are in is also just another level of the game. Even if you don’t achieve complete mastery, the “All That Is” is ‘expanded’ by the effort and eternally grateful for its own sake.

Humility is truth revealed, it is usually from a much broader perspective on ‘the scene’.

‘Truth’ is always ‘all inclusive’ and transparent and simple, it flows, it ‘fits’.

My desire to ‘set a better example’ for myself seems far more important now than ‘before’. Becoming out loud is a humiliating experience because of the ‘transparency’, the risk of revealing ‘truth’, or that you may have originally been ‘wrong’ about something so ‘right’.

You are feeling what ‘humility’ is intended for – not for embarrassment but for growth. To ‘concede’ to your higher power requires a strong sense of your own ‘humility’. Bowing to something greater is not a sign of weakness, it is a ‘paying of respect’.

Go ahead, stand in front of a hurricane and expect to stop it. You will find it best to just get out of the way and let it ‘do its thing’.

Your humility adds depth, meaning and a stronger, ‘healthier’ foundation to your ‘character’.

Dictionary.com-Character: the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing. ┬áThis is interesting: LATIN/GREEK – graving tool, its mark…to engrave.

So when you publish these words be aware the ‘humiliation’ of doing it is where you’ll find your most prolific vein of gold yet!

People are ‘preference-honing’ machines, it’s what people exist to do. As they decide to ‘agree or disagree’ is not your concern. You have always been clear on your preferences, it’s more than OK to own them.

You have already made the disclaimer with and to yourself that your perspective may be subjected to ‘change’. Make no apologies for being mis-taken.

Dictionary.com-Mistaken: – wrongly conceived, held, or done.


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