03-15-2016, Tuesday


Good morning Universe and Hello my healing Spirits! I am here with great desire this morning and very uncomfortable to sit here.

It isn’t a surprise that I have gone down with ‘sickness’ although it feels more like a clearing and a reset. My sacral area is an odd kind of tender today – reminds me of labour pains. I have to wonder at the intricate and complicated manner in which we are ‘built’?

So I am kneeling on the kitchen chair, pacing works but I am not feeling strong enough for an entire days’ walk. This too shall pass and for now I will do what works.

It is time to publish! I have 2 stories to write that are wanting out, and I am asking for guidance on how to present your valuable information to our collective.

Am I still fearing judgment? Sure, and the judgment I fear has shifted. I do care what those I most want to be like think. Judgment is for those lacking understanding.

Wanting to measure up to new levels of excellence will always be met with encouragement from those that KNOW you can do it, they want you there with them and they will do whatever they can to help you -IF- you show up!

This concept of ‘the mirror’ is fascinating! I can see how I appear to others by how certain others appear to me.

Can I become all that I want to become in this iteration [life]?

No. That’s the idea, it’s in the becoming process you came here to experience, there is no ‘finale’. “You will never get it done, and perhaps not even ‘right’.”

You came with the gift of ‘right words’ the people you desire to attract still read the written word. A good book is still better for the mind than a movie.

Loss of original imagination is the risk of consuming digital and moving media.

When was the last time you sat down with a great book? It has been too long.

You are a writer by ‘nature’. This space you have created for your ‘need’ to be a writer is your most sacred of all acts. The kinesthetic action of putting pen to paper uses far more of your human attributes than typing and you can type faster than you write so digital only for your next couple of stories, your blogs and articles is perfect.

This space is sacred, this space is spiritual by its nature and intention. Your truths, your nature, the Being that IS DiamondJul is what created ‘this’. You are not different so much from anyone else – ‘they’ – those whom are ready for these messages will get them.

What if you deeply touch 1 or 2 people a day by your sharing? That is what we call a great day’s work in fact, it creates a great life . We can feel your passion for this simplicity.

You see yourself a Jeunesse Diamond, it is general and it is more than enough to reach your goal.

5 years from now as you approach 60, you will look back and hardly recognize ‘yourself’, just as you are looking 5 to 10 years back now and wondering at the growth you have achieved.

You are all about awareness, growth, expansion – and have been out of the womb – you can expect to manifest a boatload of it!

Let us see if we can manifest some lighter, sweeter lessons for you going forward. Show up and open up!

Go straight to your keyboard, cast your work to the big screen and type your stories!

Do be authentic, let your real thoughts flow and make your presence and purpose shine through your sharing.

As the good doctor said,



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