03-14-2016, Monday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

I am up early after a long night in my bed. My being and my head has filled up with a bug that is taking advantage of a ‘weakened’ state. By yesterday’s end I could no longer be horizontal my eyes had had enough! I meditated where I was not sleeping and was reminded of my Aya cocoon.

Let your body , mind and soul heal. Your wounds are still fairly fresh, and were perturbed again last week. Fill your hours with reaching out. Go simple yet keep track.

Your mind is still replaying ‘etched grooves’ of thought patterns stamped into your psyche at point of impact. Replacing or drowning out the chatter with more preferred thoughts and feelings is ‘appropriate’ now.

*[Everyday is a new chapter in the book you get to write.] Use this as a preface or cover for your journal master. [DONE] Keep the pen moving…your mind has a tendency to try to escape from the accountability of this space, like a child that has been told to wait quietly while Mom conducts some task or interaction with another.

This is not the space for the little monkey mind. Aside from the important questions that bubble up out of your daily experience your mind is best utilized ‘on the bench’.

Your ‘restlessness’ is not born out of a need to let go of the old experience, it is from your resistance to picking up the new ball and running with it. You have developed a ‘habit’ of waiting – a fairly strong habit because you have become masterful at patiently, unconditionally and unfortunately your strongest suit – persistently waiting.

Take a little leap! Remove yourself from your old severed roots and grow some wings – like going from caterpillar to butterfly, there’s little need for that ground now.

Like you know to keep the pen moving here, you also understand the momentum created by reaching out for the sake of being in that flow. Read your goals before making your calls, put some music on to lift your vibe and ‘go out there’ with tits up and head held high. Maybe there is no right and wrong technically – but there is a preference for light and love and you did ‘right’ by that in standing firm for your values.

I really don’t believe there is a reality TV show that can top the entertainment value of this last experience – and I know I haven’t encountered the best stories yet!

Get to work – your team is waiting for you. Intersect with those most suited to your preferences – and of course always respect theirs.

So what ‘do I do’ with this lovely information?

Please help me with the inspiration to present it. Unedited as it is? Or do I make it more ‘muggle friendly’? Intuition tells me I am ‘safe’ to publish it raw and let the muggles respond as they wish.

Here’s the ‘reality’ however, your material is born from frequencies that are ‘currently’ out of reach to those in denser bandwidths, those that you fear judgment from won’t even see it or be drawn to read it anyway – not until they are ready to.


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