03-13-2016, Sunday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

It is the first morning after changing the clocks ahead and I am parked on my new front ‘stoop’ as the sun is about to rise and shine on me!

Thank you again and again for my new perfect environment to relaunch and recharge.


This quote struck a chord as I read it. I realized that is my work – to seek truth and I have seen some ugly truths – the first being my own. Forgiveness and finding beauty is what ‘she’ [Madre Ayahausca] means by “focus on the light”.

I have to also consider the connection between seeking ‘truth’ and being a highly sensitive Empath, it seems the two are essential to each other. In your need for ‘congruence’, when something feels ‘off’ seeking truth becomes a process of ‘seeking balance’.

It is almost impossible to lie to you. [Big think.]

I guess this explains my arduous spiritual path? I am eternally ‘in contention with myself’.

The ‘incongruence’ you detect will ALWAYS and eternally be present. It is nature’s call to expand. Anything you do to resist expansion will always end – if persistent – in something that appears to you as ‘catastrophe’. There is no judgment from Source it’s just the way this creation game works.

‘Go with the flow.’ ‘If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.’

“The Flow” is likely in the ‘opposite direction’ of the one you have been headed on. To authentically ‘be in the flow’ requires a mindset and lifestyle much different from that collectively carried by your ‘masses’.

To go ‘against’ what most believe to be true is no small task for a leader in their quest to evoke ‘change’. Change starts with different thoughts and different feelings. Your ability to influence and persuade should not be underestimated by you. The living out loud of your life’s experiences are the inspiration to spark a process in others, once ‘lit up’, your work is complete.

What the ‘other chooses to do with their new nugget of awareness has ‘no thing’ to do with you.

[I am hearing the distant rumble and horn of a train passing and I am feeling Madre’s presence.] It seems I’ll forever associate that sound and metaphor with Aya, reminiscent of my first ceremonies with Julio.

Today I will begin my story to my Ayahuasceros, and intend for it to teach about ‘learning’.


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