03-12-2016, Saturday

Subterfuge, Influence & Persuasion


Good morning Universe and Hello my beautiful Spirit! Thank you for bird song in the mornings and the warmth of the sun rising to greet us!

I am realizing this morning how much sadness I am carrying. I am already understanding the matching with my new old roommate. For now I appreciate the bubble of love to heal in and I believe the trick for me will be to remain productive as best I can.

It is ‘hard’ to exude excitement from sad frequencies yes? It is the warning of Abraham to go easy on yourself as you go from ‘over here to over there’.

How how how is NOT YOUR WORK.

Feel your way along. Aya promised you the full range of emotions you are ‘entitled’ to as a human being. Many of you spend so much time swimming in the negative ones that you forget there are joyous, delicious, life-affirming ones. You were gifted with the blessing of a ‘new heart’. It replaced your previously beat up and broken one, the ability to ‘find your way back’ compromised by the damage. You were and are willing to do ‘the work’ necessary to ‘rebuild’, not a small commitment to make to finish, the physical transmutation can be ‘uncomfortable’.

“Focus on the light” says She.

Subterfuge? I am called to explore…

Dictionary.com-Subterfuge: an artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something etc. Origin: LATIN – subterfugium – to evade Synonyms: deception, scheme, trick, dodge, ruse.

Validation? Yes. “A Master of Subterfuge”.

Expedient: conducive to advantage or interest, as opposed to ‘right’.

WOW. Am I that? Or at the very least do I give the impression? Hmmm

Yes to the latter for sure, and isn’t it all about intention? Law of Attraction is a narcissist’s permission to ‘run amuck’ from what I have witnessed.

Subterfuge feels like a ‘bad or wrong’ thing, yet if we remove any energetic charge to it , can the power of ‘subterfuge’ be used for good?

‘Influence & Persuasion’ Steering another into a better place or direction.

[Inspired/Call to read “Scientific Advertising“]

“Subterfuge is the narcissist’s game, influence and persuasion is the giver’s game.”

‘You’ are the ‘real deal’. I hope you noticed that M.Z. noticed your tendency for attracting the best?!

This ‘tendency’ you have to find yourself in these leading-edge situations is no accident. It is a clue to the power you have to affect ‘change’. This last ‘experience’ was no small thing for your development and your mission to ‘serve’. You know where the bliss is, yes it is a ‘shame’ you have to leave so many adrift and do not carry shame with you over this. You have always done your best with what you’ve had to work with.

This we can count on to continue as you blossom in your understanding and learn to use the new ‘tools’ given to you for your purposes and missions.

Oh we can’t wait until that moment of ‘aha’ when you suddenly realize how ‘easy’ everything really is!

May I ask…who is ‘we’?

As I continue to trust this space, to do the work of ‘keeping the pen moving’ I am seeing an improvement in the context coming through. The difference is in your state of allowing! Recall one of the golden rules of this space is to ‘do’ the work, not to judge the work.

This has now become…’automatic’ for you. Showing up is still worth at least 80% of your intended result. ‘How’ you show up will determine how much of that 80% you ‘realize’. You will build an empire with the remaining 20%.

“It is as easy to create a castle as a button.” – Abraham

“The well of providence runs deep but most of you are showing up with ‘teaspoons’ to gather from it. Back the truck up to it!”


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