03-10-2016, Thursday 5:20am


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

I am up very early this morning and admitting how shaken I am by yesterday’s post from Greece. I need to now throw down the gauntlet on myself. I sense some serious obsessiveness in the mix, like the fascination we hold for witnessing accidents – he’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

You are experiencing feelings of ‘vengeance’ – perhaps for the first time you are owning and questioning their causes. It is a ‘burn’ with intensity unlike you have known before – and it’s all good. This spiteful range of frequencies is what you have built successes out of for most of your life – it does not feel like love does it?

Nevertheless, your intentions were authentic and your work ethic sound, if your aim was off – it was never by much.

It is no accident your last lover was so perfectly representing the ancestral ties to your dis-function. The trip you just took was vital for your understanding of where and ‘what’ you came from.

You owe yourself a boatload of acknowledgment and gratitude – do not be an ‘ingrate’ with yourself.

It was a nice balance to attend last night’s drum circle with Beverley and Julia. Their unconditional love and feedback are priceless for my well-being.

You are nearing the end of this crazy train. As you break the ties to his mess be easy on yourself for your well-intentioned sacrifices, you are doing what you have to do because nothing is more important than your spiritual path!


The robins are back and loud as a gentle rain falls, it is a comfortable 12 degrees out. My room has filled with ladybugs this warm spell, I have no idea where they are coming from and there’s a LOT – one is just making its way along the edge of this paper and the desktop, and it has no spots – looks odd. Yesterday I was finally pushed over the edge of looking into the significance of them by a beautiful Chromecast macro:


Yes she is all about luck and good fortune!

Snap out of it and back into your mission!

Spend some time with Aya and the people that are facilitating and working with her, they are your tribe – your business can now integrate perfectly.

Yesterday I got myself organized with utmost respect to my writing. I opened one of my book templates and will use it as a Master document for transcription and – expansion of ideas.

I am feeling much more confident about my place here at this page. The more I allow – the more vulnerable I become, the better the quality of information.

Letting you – Source – take care of the quality. Consistency is key here also.

This space, this act has become my elixir for letting emotion flow. The relief, the comfort and primarily, the clarity I harvest from this work has flat out – saved a life, perhaps countless lives when you consider your mission and its resulting reach.

Create your memoirs, your life has been rich with experience – all of it counts toward who you are here and now.

It is your time! You are due your dreams, turn away from this fascination the darkness has ‘over’ you, focus on the light and remain there for your duration, anything that ‘happens’, you can handle quite fine. Stand strong in your knowing and steer clear of the messes of others.

You are love manifest and you know yourself as that better than most – regardless of an outward display of ‘success’.

Happiness is defined by you, feeling it is always the goal. He did you a huge favor in the end, and like A.W. you really don’t want to stick around to witness the crash, your heart and soul will not be privy to the horror.

There are many waiting for you to make your next move – now that you are free, the sky’s just the beginning.


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