03-08-2016, Tuesday


Good morning Universe and hello my beautiful Spirit! It is good to be up and to this space.

I will keep the pen moving this morning as the flow seems ‘further’ away. I am feeling some foggy and admittedly have been engaging in foods that serve my ego and not as much my body. Good food first, you will say no to the rest. You are feeling freer in your shopping and consumption choices so it is not unusual for you to go a little crazy with it – ensure it is only temporary. Your mind is attached to your body and you will want to keep it sharp as you expand forward.

Re-engage and stay that way. There is much more fun walking through the people than watching stories. Create your own reality TV that portrays growth, expansion and ways of being not even thought of by most of you.

I will keep this pen moving. Take care of the quantity and spirit will handle the quality.

Move it. Move it. Hello? I seem to be waiting for it today. How funny it is that I am still accompanied on this journey by cats?

I am off to lunch today with N.Z., I would love it if she, trusted me enough to refer me some real contacts.

I understand the hesitance given the circumstances I was in when we met. There are a lot of folk that do not yet know the full Me.

Ian is correct in that I have to build an entirely new team!

Consistency. It is the goal and the key. You have time on your side, use it wisely. Let the abundance of your actions show, let the peace in your heart radiate around you. “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”


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