03-07-2016, Monday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

Thank you for this sacred space I have found peace and inspiration from for so many years!

I do indeed understand the importance of this action in my day.

So Universe I am somewhat ‘frustrated’ at my ‘ability’ to put my most important things last on my list. I envision myself in an engaged ‘state’ – I see the smile on my face, I see that I am having fun, I am truly helping others and my results reflect the scene.

As I write this I am realizing what’s missing – ‘the feeling’. I have been in this zone before I ‘know’ what it feels like – ‘feel it now’.

As I go within it is as if I have to search for it through a dense veil of ‘dread’?

“Healing takes ‘time’.” I feel as if I need to challenge this declaration. Does it take time? If I look at it a little differently, it really doesn’t. The ‘time’ that elapses between ‘point of impact’ and full functioning is the end result of a willingness to allow a process to take place. There are MANY accounts of ‘instantaneous’, miraculous healing in your world’s existence. Time is not the remedy for awareness, experience is. Time exists for you to ‘act out’ your perfect scenario.

Abe says,

“you cannot go from over here to over there ‘all at once'”.

I am aware of my process.

The ‘grieving process’ your psychologists have defined is actually a vibrational one.

When you ‘hit the wall’ with A.W., you did a really good thing when you printed out the emotional scale and hung it by your desk. You learned by observing your emotional ‘state’ on a regular basis that you were gradually climbing back up to a state of weller being. You didn’t – at any time – feel one specific emotion – you realized you were experiencing a – range of emotions – similar to ‘bandwidth’, over time your frequencies increased, your ‘bandwidth’ of emotions become narrower and more, focused, eventually you are ‘on top’ and ‘in control’ of your own emotional ‘fortitude’ again. Your willingness to let go of old perspectives, your beliefs around them, and the choices you have made, the faster the journey back to full-functioning.

“Full-functioning” can be defined as ‘better than you were before’ your ‘crash’.

You are all out here ‘banging around’ with what you have to work with. Your thoughts and feelings about your life are creating the experience of it. Once you notice this it is difficult to unsee it. Instinctively – by natural causes – you know this is ALL YOU.


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