03-05-2016, Saturday


Good morning Universe and Hello my loving, trusted spirits!

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

I made the ‘error’ of checking my phone this morning after recalling hearing it go off while drifting to sleep last night. I say ‘error’ because it was a loved one reaching out to push my buttons. I am grateful for my inner cues again and appreciating the validation.

Contrast, conflict – chaos, it will prevail as I do it seems. Is there a better feeling perspective on it?

Stand your ground. Spin YOUR vision and do not waiver your site on it! You have an inkling there is another fun ploy to cause you to flinch, yet remain steady, your own ship needs steering first. Your appreciation is not misplaced at all, divine timing rules for everyone’s learning. Beware and behold of those that are needy for your gifts. You deserve to be heard also, this is not about them, this is for you.

As soon as you feel as if you want to ask, “what can I do to make this better for them?”, You have taken your eyes off your course and are now engaged in the martyr game yourself.

NO-THING can you do to truly fix what ‘ails’ them. Anything contrary to love is always about something deeper and bigger going on. THAT is their work to learn – IF – they are willing to do it.

I feel ‘riled’ this morning, ‘rattled’ by a close encounter type of feeling. Shake it off and carry on. You have offered your authentic and sincere apology for not ‘knowing’, you have offered to clean things up further, the ball is in the other court for now and there’s your journey to tend to.

What is your ‘vision’? Use your thoughts, feelings and words to paint it, use your passion, charisma and ability to tell a story to tell it! Your dreams and expectations are far bigger than many around you – recall the pace you were at 20 years ago when you first discovered Network Marketing – ‘forcing’ you to dream too big too early almost took you out of the game entirely.

You are getting messages of ‘broader perspective’, and have had the ultimate experience of having it ‘over yourself’ on more than one occasion. Use this broader perspective to paint your vision! Your life’s experiences had through your choices has been the foundation for ‘wisdom’.

So then I can equate wisdom with broader perspective?

Of course! Broader perspective is the result of ‘ascension’, the difference between dimensions can be seen from ‘upon high’. ‘God’ our most known ‘all knowing’ sits in heaven looking down on ‘all of it’.

Spirituality is about handing the reins over to your broader perspective, you are up there on high as well – as you write this.

I am looking forward to spending time with my niece tonight! It is always a good thing to be in her energy.

Thank you for this life, this space, this moment…


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