03-04-2016, Friday


Good morning Universe and hello my luminous Spirits! The sun is rising bright into my room this morning and I am expecting a guest! K will be by with her puppy this morning on her walk.

My new roommate is just leaving for a day at work and I am astounded at how firmly and perfectly I have landed on my feet.

Stepping up to my purpose is all that’s left and indeed there is nothing and no one more important than my spiritual path.

Earlier I was sparring around the word and concept of “intervention”, tricky topic for a well-practiced manifester.

Ayahausca has been my self-imposed intervention, I am probably safely guessing if I conclude that “outside interventions” are likely quite ineffective.

My desire to intervene my “drifting”, to continue to expand into my full potential, requires action on a whole new level.

In communicating – briefly – with those associated with my recent “companion” it occurred to me that their words say one thing, yet they remain to ‘tolerate’ unethical behaviours. And, here’s the rub for a purist LOAer – who decides what’s ethical?

Now we are right back full circle to the importance of ‘preference, free will and natural laws’.

As we grow – or don’t grow – our preferences change. This is where the importance of contrast is key, through our contrasting situations, circumstances and events, we figure out quickly what we do NOT want – what we think, feel and do next is where the magic and miracles ‘happen’.

[It] (some event) will cause us to either turn away and continue to ‘look for love in the wrong places’ again, or it will cause you to ask, “Well what do I want?” followed by an even more important one, “Why do I want it?”

Discomfort while you’re journeying does not mean pain and suffering.

In your times with Aya you have experienced this state of – dis-comfort while flowing a lot of bliss.

Getting ‘out of your comfort zone’ is usually a very exhilarating process if you put aside your expectations of what’s outside of it.

Our expectations are usually constructed with our fears and insecurities and will always be a root cause of pain and suffering in our process.

Uncertainty and un-familiarity can be frightening or exciting, either is always your choice – made by you for your ultimate results – which have nothing to do with anyone else’s except through the co-creations you agree upon with them.

Tend to your own pie, your co-creative others are going to surprise and delight you!

Thank you, thank you for this space.


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