03-02-2016, Wednesday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit! It is a gorgeous sunny white crisp morning. Fresh and clear after last night’s storm, in like a lion it is then!

I am late to the space today after much distraction and I am good with that. I am in a new environment with new routines – that I already know I am going to LOVE!

W. is full-time retail with a couple of days a week off. He has a work ethic and joy about him I admire and appreciate, and I will have all the time I need and then some for my pursuits.

Am I open to looking at what they’ve got?

Of course. I am as open as they are. My objections may remain the same as one open to looking and know what works – and doesn’t for me.

I will “likely” respond with my reasons for standing “my ground”.

Network Marketing is faster, simpler, tremendously lucrative and probably a lot more fun.

Morally speaking – I have issue with taking counsel from someone that is not “practiced”.

The next 90 days you will work with a new team, go find the leaders. Practice your new awareness on those you have “no attachment” to, watch, listen – look between the words to read the energies behind them.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

Keep it simple. Be consistent in your sprints. Lead the way. Show them it is ‘safe to proceed’.

WHY? What is the treat you dangle before them?

Think squirrels and peanuts – they’ll eat through anything flimsy and risk capture to get them.

[What is their peanut?] Blog post title?

Capture your ideas here!

KD – how to build Jeunesse part-time – GPG template using our DMOs.

– a long list of people’s names and faces start streaming through my brain. Use this as a prospecting tool and a natural gateway into GoMentum.

– talk about the number of people pushing systems – 3rd party – for Network Marketers.

It’s time to write Feverishly with reckless abandon.


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