03-01-2016, Tuesday


Good morning Universe and hello to You my luminous spirits!  It is gooood to feel the light again.

I accomplished much yesterday with my ‘nose to the grindstone.’ There is much more sorting to do and no rush to get to it.  It feels time to reach out to those I have missed.

Focus on structuring your creative and contributive endeavours, this latest shift has caused some rockets of desire to your vortex of creation!  You will manifest very quickly the things you have always dreamed of, the visions of the feeling places you are wanting.

It seems as if my light was ‘cloaked’ or muted while around the influences of darker matters.  I will remain ‘astounded’ by the absolute destruction that ignorance leaves in its path.

“Focus on the light,” she says.  Yeah.  No Kidding.

Watch for their ‘tells’ and pay attention to how you feel as they are ‘telling’.  Those that talk most have something going on, ask the right questions and your answers in the form of validation will come forth swiftly.

Trying to drag someone else with you that is not yet ready to come will always end in the other lashing out or turning on you, it is a natural response to your ‘persisting’ to coax them.  Fight or flight is the choices to respond to fear.  Think of what happen when you had to ‘stuff’ Gandalf into the carrier to send him to a ‘better place’.  Although in your heart you were certain the move was his best option for a continued life of love you certainly came away from the exercise covered in scratches and bite marks…which you gladly took out of compassion for his terror.  Your desire was that he remain trauma free so that he could re-engage with his new companion, a better friend than you could be to him after all.

You see this pattern clearly in the ending of your relationships.  Let go of clinging to their potential, before they have to do something ‘drastic’ to shake you.  They are at a pace you have already left behind, leave them there and carry on.  If there are any miracles or real changes of heart, they will catch up with you on the path later.  For now they need to stay back and work on or solve their developmental issues ‘on their own’, as do you.

You are smart – mirrors up – the difference is in the amount of ‘wisdom’ you smarties gather.  Stay ‘on your toes’ with your ‘attractions’, as you have experienced, the smartest ones know how to play their game the best.

Abraham wasn’t so metaphorical when speaking about how we can learn from our beasts!  The more I understand the consciousness of my animals, the more I realize how many of us are not far from them.

Nature will rule over the ‘unconscious’.  The tides and winds of fate are not kind to those that take their hands off the helm while riding a storm.  Emotional intelligence allows us to keep our ship steady while the chaos around us rages on.  Keep your craft in the ‘eye’ of it until it subsides enough to escape its temporary hold.

Sail off into that sunset, breathing calmly knowing more and loving unconditionally.

Go round up a new crew for your next high seas adventure, it’s going to be the most fun you’ve ever had!


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