01-31-2016, Sunday


Good morning Universe and Hello to you my luminous spirits. It is indeed a great time to be alive!

Thank you for the numerous incidences of support and validation with respect to my decision. I have immense appreciation for all of this and know I will look back with a pat on the back for standing up for your values.

Leadership is simply being ‘in integrity’. Your responses to the current circumstances and those players in this chapter are ‘the work’.

You are ‘being’ with broader perspective, a new heart and a whole new level of understanding how humans operate.

Ignorance for the sake of it is not ‘bliss’.

“Intentional ignorance however is where the sweet spot is found. Choosing what to ignore, being good with the existence of ‘evil’ in the world, remaining focused on the light is all about choosing ‘love’.

Those events and actions apparently counter to love give us ‘turbo boosts’ along our way…like using the escalator instead of the stairs…or the moving walkways of the airport.

Events are not linear in reality. Once you reach resonance with something fresh to your awareness perspective HAS to shift.

One cannot ‘unsee’ or ‘unknow’ some things.


Hello again journal! I find myself in need of this space more than usual as I energy from the latest realizations.

Aya – I feel the fear and the need to take action despite it. I will continue to create some sparks of excitement as I imagine this next upcoming leg of my journey.

Stay focused on your ultimate solution. You have made a habit of reacting to your circumstances. Take the time necessary to transition with ease. You have the closure you need to fully move forward, you have the encouragement and support to make it fun.

Universe please assist me to create the momentum necessary to finally ‘ring the bell’.

I know the feeling place of what. I want – I think – I ask for clarity in making my decisions.

Help me to remain focused on the light.


It’s strange territory I’m navigating and yet I am excited by the shift in energies and focus.

It’s MY time.

I had a really great chat with my childhood bestie Marieanne today. She lives a blessed life. It is my intention to get out to visit her asap! It would be lovely to see more of my home and native land.


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