01-21-2016, Thursday


Good morning Universe and hello my loving spirits.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

Today I am here to freshly define my “why”.

All the pieces to that which I have been asking for are coming to me.

Please let me lead with integrity, grace and respect.

In pondering this before I began here, it occurred to me that many would like to be my why – including Me.

I am ‘beyond’ my early desires for ‘stuff’.

My why is general and basic. I envision myself always in ‘freedom’.

Surrounded by like-focused, beautiful individuals. Those aware of consciousness and their part in it.

My why is as simple as,

“I desire to be happy, free and in continued service to myself and others.”
I desire better choices.

I see my ‘money/prosperity’ flowing freely, always more than enough for my needs and choices.

Specifically –

I desire my own home space – or that which feels like home.

I will remain connected to the leading-edge where I love to play in creative contribution.


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