01-13-2016, Wednesday


Good morning Universe and hello my beautiful spirits!

Thank you for the tremendous assistance as I followed my bliss these last few months. I have just reviewed my last entry with ‘you’ from September 30th past. WOW. This is indeed a very premonitory exercise!

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You. I Love You.

So much has occurred since September and 2015 ended on a fresh note.

Late to the game – although I have been thinking and considering on it – it’s time to transition into this new year officially.

The time I appear to have been waiting for is here with respect to my chosen profession. Please assist me to lead in my dream’s unfolding with wisdom, grace and appropriate humility.

I am listening and observing better every day as I ‘detach’ from those beliefs that position themselves for my ultimate ‘safety’.

As I respond to my inner guidance with different decisions, I am excited by the validation and results – some of them quite delightful.

I wish to be more specific in my writings here! My previous page is too vague and ‘esoteric’ to be of use or value later. It is time to reflect on 2016 and put some of my best intentions for this year in ink.

Set your alarm for tomorrow morning and return here for further priming. There is tremendous value here that awaits your return and your future results are affected by your participation, or not.

On with it. It is the foundation of your best work.

You are loved and very well supported.


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