02-29-2016, Monday

Leapin’ Like a Lizard – Sadie Hawkins Day


Good morning Universe and a delicious hello to my beautiful and loving Spirits!

Do you feel me rejoicing in malleable gratitude?! I am feeling free, like the life is already seeping back into me! It is quite manic-looking from the outside I would imagine!

I’m so good with that.

Yesterday goes down as one of the most challenging days I have EVER experienced – T. Harv’s Ultimate Leadership experience bubbled up into my thoughts more than once.

It’s ALL an emotional journey. Today I acknowledge myself for the courage to ‘Be Better’.

I can see how different my inner cues and responses were ‘this time around’. I am reveling in ‘new sight’ and remain humbled in the light of truth.

My dearest, beloved Madre, thank you for the miracle that you are in my life, because of and since you called, I am enhanced forever forward!

I really have a deep desire to write and talk about my relationship with You [Aya].

The past quarter has been the proverbial cherry on top of my time with you. I am now eager to drink of you some more. I am feeling ‘steadfast’ in my knowing you are ‘the one’ for me.

I am swimming ‘upstream’ in male-dominant forces. The resistance of opposing forces takes focus to navigate and harness the tremendous power that is created by the interactions – indeed it is the same principle by which your electric companies harness the flows of Niagara.

You have always been somewhat ‘hermaphrodite’ in your experience. You understand ‘male energy’ far, far great than most men. You are also VERY aware of your journey as a woman, clearly – because you chose to physically manifest female.

As you find the ‘sweet spot’ your ride will become much less ‘turbulent’ and soon you’ll be surfing the energies with the best of them.

If nothing else works, at least maintain your show of respect, then back away and ‘Be on Your Way’.


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