02-28-2016, Sunday

Moving Day!


Good morning Universe and Hello to my luminous spirits.

This is my last entry from 217 Dalhousie! It is 6:30am and the yard is alive with cardinal song this morn. I have a warmer day for moving. WOW. 4 years here, it has truly flown by, even if the last year dragged on some.

Let it go. Look forward and write about your lessons. Your awareness needs to be shared with others searching for a spark of hope that they CAN change their circumstances. Your experience, especially that which you have accumulated with your co-creative relationships is valuable.

Value-able – you are, and there are endless solutions to apply your values to.

My throat is tight this morn as I approach my exit ramp off this crazy-way. I grew more attached to the space here than its master. I feel deep sadness for the loneliness I am leaving behind.

Let my signature linger after I am gone, my place in the next sandbox is waiting.

You are tremendously strong.

You come to these pages and your pen each morning for validation, inspiration and love. Your ‘POS’ – Point Of Source, this is the top atop your well and it flows deep with rich sustenance and solutions.

Turn the tap on, fill your bucket with it and then turn to share it and fill the buckets of others through your abundance.

I will keep it shorter this morning for having some things to do yet before heading out for the day.

Let it flow. Stay focused on your vision of your best reality.

You have yet to experience the most fun and love you have ever experienced or received.

Let the others focus on their ends, you have more living ahead of you than you have done so far and no need to worry about another magnitude of “all of this”. You let the light into some of your darkest crevices freeing up your ability to proceed with full knowing that there is ALWAYS more, better and new, that’s what you came here to ensure in the ‘first place’.

Be love in your unusual circumstances today, you are just a few hours away from the real party! It’s fairly exclusive and by invitation only. Your vibe is your ticket…..


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