02-27-2016, Saturday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

I am up early these past couple of mornings eager to complete my move and put this experience behind me! I will miss my fur babies here and ask that they find new love like mine.
I will continue moving things today, the couple loads yesterday helped to clear some clutter. Thank you for arranging the details so perfectly!

Keep the pen moving. Prime the pump until the thoughts flow. Let’s address your beautiful purpose and your chosen business model. It is clear Network Marketing is not about ‘the money’ any more than your purpose is, an irony you are still reconciling. So speak to the ‘non-monetary’ benefits of ‘what you do’ because they are most inline with your mission and values.

Why do you want that?!

Everyone will say they want X # of $s without any thought or recognition of ‘WHY’ they want the money – or the thing – or the person.

Go help some people and IF money is needed, it will be there. Resources!

Drill them for their why! Drill yourself every day to remain certain in the unfamiliar path to your destinations. What is your destination? WHY do you want to go there?

You cannot run or fly away from yourself, you take your beliefs and perspective with you in your bubble of reality and in our spheres how we do anything is how we do everything.

Clean up your ‘messes’ and take your trash with you in consideration of the collective vibe. Let go and release the heavy garbage and excess matter you carry in the form of ignorance and negative emotions.

WOW. I digress again. I thought we were supposed to be writing about my purpose?

Oh. We are.

Betrayal is ‘blindsiding’, the result of being ‘unaware’ of the existence of certain aspects of your ‘makeup’. The reality around you is constructed of your beliefs and unconscious values. The unconscious aspects of your belief-set will continue to run your life experience until you are ‘aware’ of them. Once aware, the choice is entirely all conscious.

When you are driving is it better to assume there is or is not another vehicle nestled into your blind spots? Driver’s Ed teaches us to ALWAYS look physically at the vehicle’s blind spot, look over your shoulder.

The spot is blind because the vehicle’s mirrors and windows don’t reflect a portion of your range of vision. Miss something in the blind spot, make your lane change and crunch, you have an experience in the form of a situation, perfectly timed and synced with another co-creative being traveling along the same stretch of frequencies highway.

Blindsiding is a creator of trauma. Traumas are like grooves in a record, each time there is an ‘undesirable’ situation or a sudden one, we etch another groove to our symphony recording. Your record will continue until you create a new one.

Consensus blindness is a powerful tool for holding collective situations in their place. Those that challenge the consensus do so, often, from the collective ‘blind spot’.

You have experienced ‘that look’ from another as you speak about concepts they are not yet ready to hear. They are either like the friendly puppy with head cocked in confusion or the frightened, cornered animal ready to lash out for perceived need for protection.

Know Your Audience

Ask questions to determine ‘where they’re at’ and speak with them in a language they understand. You will always see their potential, test their willingness to realize it.


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