02-26-2016, Friday


Today is finally here, the anticipation and waiting is soon over, I have a fairly clear mental picture of my place there and myself ‘at work’, having fun finding my own brand of bliss again.

Keep a steady pace today and use your list! Just do it. You can flow the sadness when you land. You have made this place your home space for 4 years, your signature will remain and He will have to cope with it when you are gone.

I am grateful for my emotional fortitude and will let it flow when appropriate. As the empath you are you are also feeling your cousin’s bubble as well. Remain ‘tough’ in your compassion as you leave him, your work here is complete and aside from the processing time before the cataclysmic ending – that you desired for clarity and closure – your work ‘with Him’ was done some time ago. The past 2 1/2 years has been all about and for you!

My love for all remains unconditional, my proximity to some of them in this physical time space…not so much.

You don’t have trust issues, you have ‘understanding’ issues.

Your fault has always been that you trust too much, easy to do as an empath that sees the pure, positive potential in others!

Your new conditions for partnering with another on any level are sound. You are part of a very highly functioning family with your desired pursuit. Put loyalty, integrity and ‘real results’ to the test – you first.

You have your clarity and after this weekend, closure will be swift as your ship sails off to your promised land. It is too far out for some to get to you now. Turn away from watching them cry and clamor for their lives, opportunity was there when you were.

The party has already started and many are waiting for you to join them in more happiness, laughter, fun, prosperous abundance and absolute personal freedom than you have ever known or have been able to imagine.

Yes. Congratulations on breaking free from your ‘sphere of influence’. You have taken courageous measures to do so. You are now ‘expanded’ and life will never be perceived in your old ways again.

Go out there and make a big loving de-lightful mess of your own! You are love manifest, own it.


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