02-25-2016, Thursday


Good morning Universe and hello my ever present Spirit! 2 months since Christmas day. WOW. I can really shake things up for myself once clarity is realized.

I would love to revisit what was going on with me then – a reminder of the importance of journaling every day – or at the very least a couple times a week.

I usually have a certain ‘read’ on an upcoming new year around the holidays time and this past I have to say I was ‘searching for a signature’, I couldn’t detect anything specific and perhaps I am getting a whiff of why.

This year seems to be ‘blind-siding’ those in my sphere so far. I am now thinking this will be the apparent beginning of a segment of ‘attrition’, a point in space-time where and when, ready or not, we will be forced to let go of that which does not serve the light aspects of our purposes.

‘Right action’ seems a ‘theme’ for me specifically. I can only assume by my core beliefs and understanding of how nature works that I will witness it with others around me as they rise or succumb to the transmutational events occurring for them.

Keep your eyes on your fries.

This next segment will prove what side of ‘Karma’ one is on. You bet she can be a bitch or an angel.

Integrity is always sound with the individual, do they/you operate out of love?

The lines of integrity are blurred by the individual perspective. Each one of you in your various states of delusion and denial create beliefs that justify ‘action’.

‘Right Action’. Get clear on what that is for you – [(despite your current tendencies)].
The ‘delusion’ is the difference between your expectations and the ‘right actions’.

Expecting way more than you are willing to ‘step up to’ is debilitating, ESPECIALLY when your expectations are put upon another, that will likely blow up in your face every time.

Clearly you see the person’s pure, positive, potential and your delusion is in your expectations of them. Only they can manifest in their reality. It will always kick a stone at your heart when you realize ‘they’ just may not make it to the destination you clearly see.

As the professional you chose to be, make no mistake, you will go through some numbers in your quest, and rest assured your ability to choose wisely has been tremendously ‘enhanced’.

No need to be ‘fearless’, just feel it and know that what’s on the other side of your ‘right response’, ‘right action’, will always be a huge treat for you.

Right action isn’t about everyone else being ‘wrong’, rather it is about the next ‘logical step’, that will vary between each individual.

Stick with what feels natural. No matter what level one is at in their conscious development or awareness, doing what comes ‘natural’ is what the journey is all about.

Karma? She doesn’t care, she exists to serve ALL to all. She is here to play your game exactly the way you want it.

You get to decide what’s ‘right’ for you, the will to do so is your ‘god-given’ right and absolutely free!

RIGHT ACTION does not equal LOVE for some, just hope they find it somewhere along the way and carry on in the love you know for sure.


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