02-24-2016, Wednesday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirits!

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

I am so aware of my need to break free of the influences that surround me here. I will remain forever grateful for the company of this old house and the retreat I will always see it as. I dreamt enough about what I would do with this property if it was mine, and like the beautiful metaphor it is, I know not to take it on, at least not now – maybe later when I have so much that I need projects!

By saving yourself you are saving your world. Let those incapable watch from afar if they are too afraid to break free!

You have some catch-up to do, already since the right decision was made, you sense your calling and passion for it returning.

These next days are valuable waiting time, the ‘crazy’ is almost over.

I am so blessed and tremendously grateful for my courage. I am fascinated by the whole ‘concept’ of bravery. The teachings have been telling me that ‘courage’ is not an absence of fear, but the will to move forward in the face of it.

‘You’ve got to get tougher’ is my prescription.

Seems I am left with the challenge of learning, the relationship between ‘courage’, toughness and my ‘line of integrity’.

Previous experiences and my patterns of behaviour I clearly recall ‘stepping up to the line’ and refusing to ‘cross’ it – the butterflies in my stomach wouldn’t allow me to do so.

Perhaps that is more about ‘intuition’ than integrity? If you had proceeded – referring to the time with E.A. – you would have robbed yourself of a valuable experience – and a whole lot of fun.

If we go further back to G.H., we recall the whole thing with a sense of ‘having to do what you had to do’, and you still don’t like it, and you wouldn’t change a second of it – all for the fun.

Privacy is an illusion on ALL levels!

Do you believe we are all connected? Of course. As an empath bordering on telekinetic you have no choice but to believe, your mountain of personal evidence is too contrary to any other way of perceiving reality.

Take to your new heart the true meaning of the word ‘transparent’!

[To Dictionary.com…]
transparent” – having the property of transmitting rays of light through its substance so that bodies situated beyond or behind can be distinctly seen.
2. admitting the passage of light through interstices.
‘trans-parent’, ‘ap-parent’ (Latin-stem of parens)
[interstices, interstitium – a space between things]
[Parent – a mother, father, ancestor, precursor or progenitor.]
[Latin-of parere-to bring forth, breed]


How upset would you be really if someone were to get into your journal?

Depends. You no longer feel you have any need to hide, you have stepped into brighter light again. No ‘one’ has your perspective.

Your truth is in these pages. It has ALWAYS been more than good enough for lost souls to follow but they must eventually carve out their own canoe and paddle their own course, alongside you.

We are all the Little Red Hen baking our bread – breaking it together is where the fun is!!

You bake very good bread, it is a favorite to many. Some will be envious, others reverent and some again that will want to make some too. Doesn’t matter.

Smile and knead. Smile and knead. Yours will be done soon.

You are a transparent being at the heart of all your matter, let the light shine through. The degree to which you do will determine what is seen in the beyond and behind, let the future lay itself before you, you are its Master.


Do everything in it.


Hello again Universe and Buenos Noches to my luminous spirits. I felt a calling to return to this space this evening. Sleep is not near yet and I am feeling bombarded by media and learning.
I am here to scratch the pen across some paper, the sound is like a lullaby in how it soothes me. 4 more sleeps. Why do I feel the need to hold off ’til next week to start my hunt for new team members?

Overwhelm? – That feels like an excuse.

Fear of ? – not being able to fully engage once I start.

I am addicted to a good story. You realize you are going to share relentlessly when you are ‘free’ yes? After how you have been treated here having very inside perspective on the significance of the level of dysfunction, does it serve to ‘give a rip’?

You are pissed off and have every right to be given your intentions and example. The frequencies you have subjected yourself to should remain familiar to you going forward. It will take time for you to trust fully again, and your discernment will be well justified as you continue to step into your individual greatness, purpose and power. Stay true to your new conditions, remember how sure you are about where you’re going, don’t let the fanciful ideas of those unaware lure you from your course. Go Sapphire and we will talk or we will KNOW.

Do I want to be a globe tripper?

There are places I would love to see and I am not yet sure I want to live life on an airplane. I will remain open to reconsidering when the situation or example presents itself.

My life so far has been an amazing journey. As I mature and master making better and bigger decisions, I am excited by the knowing I have help and mentorship at my disposal.

It is time to make good on some of the promises to yourself. Everything else will fall into place perfectly as it always has.

It would have been quite nice to know that you had way ‘overstayed’ your welcome at this place, and we are well aware of your need to learn.

WOW. How exciting and fun this next leg is going to be!

Roll up the sleeves, keep your head in the game, make it about ‘them’ and yours is guaranteed.


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