02-23-2016, Tuesday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

Thank you for this experience here and now. I am confident and more certain than ever about my future and purpose, ironically and especially operating from what seems the heart of uncertainty!

I do love my life and honor all my choices for being perfect for my learning and I am knowing much better how those catalystic experiences serve to shape ‘character’. Each time I go round I do learn – with a fervor, and the learning has been particularly rich and deep this time.

I am grateful for the closure on certain issues. I am much less fearful diving into my own mission and work humbled by the awesomeness of our power to create exactly what we need to advance and expand.

Getting to the heart of Your/Their matter is the spiritual journey and nothing should be more important than that. You have been called to remain, kudos for holding yourself accountable to your intuition. We know how challenging it was to stay where you knew you ought not to be. The grand finale and unseen emotional and realizational flood you experienced at your most vulnerable point in time had you feeling like a baby in those moments of apparent ‘horror’.

As Your own observer you recognize that sweet state of pure ‘allowing’. You may have indeed been invisible to them *[that night] because as you ‘stood’ there magic and spirit was with you. Relish this moment of contrast – in fact you will likely go to your grave with vivid recall – an upside to the PTSD’s specific moment of creation.

Specific incidences like this, as you are discovering, are etched in your soul forever, how you choose to work with it is the blessing of divine right. It’s your experience, enjoy every second of it! This time will be looked upon by you with tremendous ‘fondness’ for its gifts just as you treasure each experience before. You KNOW you would not change a thing!

You are confident by your own inside information and database, that each decision you make IS important. ‘Discernment’ was last year’s theme, you are learning it, now use it.

You are far less concerned about what others think now. You have let go of a lot of your need to fit in certain circles you NEVER – in any dimension of the Universe – will. Focus on the light – climb the waves of frequency to reach it.

Workin’ with your best intention and effort!

Stay light.


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